AncestryDNA Results

65% England NW Europe
25% Scotland
4% Sweden
4% Ireland
2% Norway

My father was Cajun French from Louisiana, and my mother was English as far as I know. My grandmother was supposed to be German, but it doesn’t look like it shows up, unless Germany is NW Europe.


How cool is that!!! My mom took one and found out she is part Native American. How cool is that. Are you surprised by your results?

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Well I didn’t know if my father was the man mother was married to or the one she had an affair with. Looking at the results, my father is the one she married. Rather than surprised, I was relieved that my sister and I have the same father.


My sister is doing genealogy family research. The DNA results talked about my family being Cajun. I guess I should have taken French in High School like my sister did.

I did that test. My results were…

10% Scottish
10% Irish


80% Jackass


Well that’s a comfort to know for sure. I want to take the test. There is no way I could ever track down my biological parents.

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Yeah okay…interesting

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Very cool, Mike.

I checked my update and I got 41% Scottish.

Go Scotland!! :smiley: :unicorn: