An outsider may see only someone "out of touch with reality"

In fact we are experiencing so many realities that it is often confusing and sometimes totally overwhelming.

yeah, that’s schizophrenia also… but I never could get an advantage from my different realitys, I ve always wanted to be sane… but like you, I knew a total subreal things and they never weren’t nice for me…now I see that its difficult to land in the reality and to be more happy cause we are so differents. that’s why the pdocs talk about multiples schizophrenia not one. briefly, I talk now cause I am alone, you all here know this. hey turning do you have borderline features as well? can you have both schizophrenia and borderline? cause I think that I have them both in fact :confused: I experience a lot of jealouse, rage and have this pathological character and personality :/…

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I used to have jealousy and rage but the meds treated it and calmed me down. I am very much asymptomatic. This thread is a quote from a book that really hit home. A lot of the stuff did from my psychotic days…others I didn’t experience. I think you can be bpd and sz, bpd is more common in women than men though. I think I was just pissed and jealous cuz I had no idea what was going on.

I went to the counter and bought surviving schizophrenia, being sober and mood cure from the book store. The girl was my age and really really pretty. She had no idea what to think about my book selection. We chatted for 3-4 minutes and she liked me. That’s how good I’m doing now that I can purchase those 3 books undetected