An alternative forum for the Sz?

Would you consider one?

This is the biggest and best one. Reddit but the interface sucks.

I think it’s too dominated by the mods myself.


Exactly that’s why I like this forum more, its safer and better moderated for schizophrenics.

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Those with all the “Unusual Beliefs” wouldn’t think it so…

This forum just gives you a box of toys to play with and nothing unusual extras ain’t allowed at all.

Exactly its to not trigger delusions in others.


But, the policy of this forum makes this forum seem like there’s no freedom of speech, which kinda makes our recovering suffer.

Well idk what banned things you’re referring to. Conspiracy theories? Post on Reddit if you don’t like it here.

Do you have a link to that place?

You’re free to go elsewhere. We don’t hold members hostage. Far from it.

My job as a mod is to protect my members from triggers and encouragement of delusions to the best of my ability.

I spend many hours doing that. Sifting through threads, answering PMs, answering flags, and generally making sure everyone is as safe as possible. So do the other mods.

If that seems like domination, well, sorry. Someone has to ensure safety. Members are like my family and that deserves care.


This is a great forum with great people. If you don’t like it, than leave. :sheep::sheep::sheep:

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Well this place isn’t as good as you guys think of IMHO.

Just google Reddit Schizophrenia.


Ok, Thanks! 1515

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I like that it’s moderated. Once when struggling with a strange belief, I tried to talk about it here. People sent me private messages encouraging my strange beliefs. I think that I need help with reality checking and moderating the site helps with that


This place is like a sanctuary. It’s a safe place and the mods do an excellent job keeping it safe and clean. The internet is a scary, dirty place out there. Here is like heaven.


For me it works better when I can be a tin foil hat theorist as well.

I feel safe here.
Thanks to the excellent moderation.

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I don’t embrace being ill, I strive to get better