An alternative forum for the Sz?

Then I suggest looking for a conspiracy theory forum. This is a forum about recovering from mental illness, so we have to prevent conversations that encourage people to become sicker.


No one is making you stay here. If you don’t like it then find a place that you do like. I suspect you still want to stay otherwise you would have left.

I might make an alt healing forum. But I won’t link it here.

But even if you’re heavily medicated, and your beliefs get more proof for your tin foil stuff and people here deny the tin foil stuff, then you just feel bad about this place - and I know I’m not the only one with this here.

Other forum i know is quora. But i am to limited in my ability to use it. I just read there but not comment.

This will never change as long as I am a mod here. Challenging delusions makes people healthier. Believing in them makes people sicker. We are here to help people get better, not to protect their egos.


It’s not about the Egos - it’s about how we see and feel about our Sz - in our experience. You have no proof against the Tin Foil Hat stuff.

Actually, there’s a lot of proof. It’s people refusing to accept it.


What proof you can give us when our voices come from the Matrix level? Maybe it’s more like that people don’t know how to study the Tin Foil Hat stuff yet.

Flat earthers unite.


The Matrix is a fiction movie. There is no such thing.

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As an author, I am not sure if I’d be super concerned or happy if people began using my made up world as a delusional conspiracy.

Lots of the high level scientist believe we live in the Matrix though.

I seriously doubt that. Just because it’s said on Yourube doesn’t make it true

Fun side note, the Matrix was written to be an allegory for coming out as transgender. It was written by two trans women

Elon Musk said we almost surely line in Matrix. And he’s not just a moderator, he’s a genius.

Elon musk abuses and exploits his employees so he can hoard his wealth like a dragon. He isn’t exactly a role model.

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i dont understand that reference sorry

So why would it be a bad move to let the unusual beliefs also shine - as if you all are 100% sure, that these are delusions, you wouldn’t never-ever need to worry in the first place?

So which is more scarier, the voices without the tin foil tehories or the voices + agreeing that they exist?