An after getting-up period

Every morning I have a period after getting up when I feel slightly dizzy and lethargic, as if I was walking on the clouds and could not sit or stand straight on the ground. My mind is drifting in this period so I can not do serious work. This period usually lasts for 1-2 hours.

Does anybody else have a similar feeling?

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takes me a while to adjust, yes,

I think I feel like that all the time.

It could be your night meds haven’t worn off yet.

Yep, it takes me a while to get actually moving after waking up. In fact, I usually sit here and drink my coffee before finishing getting ready for work.

I do feel cloudy and sort of weak and lethargic. But then I take my meds and in about 30 minutes, I then feel like I’m waking up again.