What do you feel immediately after taking your meds?

hi all, how are you?
I wanted to know if you feel something after taking your meds. is it a kick for you or the opposite, depressing and smashing effect?
me I feel the smashing effect of my Zyprexa and it doesn’t get better.
its really tough cause I cant function for 3 hours after the take of my meds. I am not sure that this will go away…
its just a post to make me feel less alone. maybe my solution will be to take my meds right before sleep so the bad effect will be when I sleep in order not to feel it.
but I know that some of you feel the opposite, some kind of kick effect(high)… :slight_smile:
hugs people!

Peace of mind at the impending relief.

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ah cool @Lexicon :slight_smile: me, I am smashed really down. my energy is very poor and I feel terribly heavy for 3, 4 hours after my meds. its a big problem I find, its hard… I dont know what I am gonna to do if I go out some day and ill have to take my meds, everybody will see that I am stoned in a bad way…

Been feeling sort of trapped taking mine, it’s only been couple of months, but knowing how I’m gonna be stuck on them indefinitely is no relief really, because the range of emotions for me has been narrowed, no ups or downs hardly, just flatness and dullness, so I’m feeling trapped in this restricted mood range and taking the pill reinforces that, but it sure did take care of the psychosis well, so it’s not all bad.

yeah @jajingna, me too my meds help me in the day. I am still in process of recovery. but my illness is not by episodes, its just chronical. but I really stop thinking for 3,4 hours after my meds. what the docs says about your dullness? can it go away with time? me I couldn’t cry for months with the meds. now in the day it comes back but I find myself really stoned in a bad way after my evening meds. there is no option for me for another ap, ive tried them all… anyway, I wish you luck, I think that your dullness can go away with time :slight_smile: . for me, I think ill have forever this smashing effect on me, Its been 8 months that I take my Zyprexa.

Yeah, just not much emotion at all. More numbness than anything, and a sense of time really dragging along. Haven’t really talked to the doc about how long this could last, but overall I suppose it;s better than the state of oblivion which landed me in the hospital in October. You’ve really tried them all? i don’t know how many A/P there are.

I used to feel it was my little treat after surviving all day. Quick relief. I think seroquel doesn’t have the greatest half life so it would wear off by 4 pm.

I guess that’s why they started seroquel XR. But I took the old stuff because it eventually became generic. But XR was not. So they give it a new name and a new patent. But it’s the same stuff.

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I don’t feel anything after taking my meds. I take haldol shot

Yes! The heaviness I deal with also. Very lethargic after dosing.

I don’t notice anything different I have been on some meds that make me tired right away.

The best thing u could is take ur meds right before u go to sleep that’s what I do because I have something similar like that when I take my meds.

Yeah normal seroquel doesn’t last as long as some others. I like the XR.

My girlfriend?

Umm when I was on Abilify and latuda an hour or so after taking akesthesia would begin to kick in…I had to brace myself for a miserable time :confused: it could last hours before going away. Risperdal though pretty much nothing happened after I took it. It was nice.

I still wonder how different aps help you and make you stable. me, some aps made me really crazier(clopixol,haldol,leponex)… ive suffered so much that I keep my Zyprexa now which helps me every day better and better. if I switch a med it really should be something similar to Zyprexa though… the only solution for now is to take my ap before sleep like for @mikethecreator :). there is a slight chance that this smashing effect will get better with time but I am doubtful a bit still…
thanks for your answers :wink:

I feel nothing when taking Abilify. I become tired from Quetiapin. But if I don’t take my meds, I get paranoid within a week.

i love my abilify. almost as soon as i take it my bad mood lifts from depression to o.k. on risperdal it was h___. also seroquel made me feel nuts.


Ok so take meds after 20 minutes Start to feel woooozy get COTTON MOUTH and I stant hunger.
Yeah this sucks but at least I can sleep now I guess.

and in the day you dont feel this @dandydinmot, is that right? cause for me its like this. I am fine in the day so its a big plus. :slight_smile:

Yeah during the day I think the meds re working but I don’t notice it so much.
Cause I take XR.