Dizziness of some sort?

I haven’t been feeling too well lately - yesterday I felt so dizzy drunk - I slept early and woke up so late. And now I don’t have energy and feel just too tired.

It has been 6 days for my injection.

I have a lot of work - just doing it extremely slowly :frowning:

Hugs dear, love you.

I often found meds can make me dizzy or lightheaded or whatever. They can change things with your body and sometimes you need to adjust things like how often you eat/what you eat, more sleep, drink extra water. Your body could simply be adjusting or the med may hit you extra hard. I’d monitor it and listen to what your body wants. If it’s really bothersome or gets worse I’d check with your doctors office and see if they have any advice. Medications of any sort can do weird things. Dizziness can be from things like lowered blood pressure or just the adjustment so the only way to know is to check it out. I find that there can be quite an adjustment period and you often have to tough it out. If it gets really bad check with your doctor and see what they say. I think it’s also best to not strain yourself and not push yourself to get work done but that’s not really practical advice.

Dizziness can be a side effect of abilify at the beginning. I hope it goes away for you.

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