Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


Too bad, maybe the other Lion’s mane you ordered will be tolerable and beneficial.


Please share an update :blush:


Is amyloban processed with liver or does it bother to take with other meds? I’m currently high on many meds like invega injection 237mg, invega pills 12mg for two weeks, latuda 80mg and depakote 1000mg so I’m kind of worried to take it now. I think I have to wait 1 month


I got a spacy feel too at first, it goes away. I’m surprised you don’t notice more energy and clarity


Nope. No more energy. No more clarity. I’ll try just 2 pills tomorrow as I’m not even able to tolerate 4 pills.


I only take 2 capsules a day, 2000mg. Might be why I had no spacey feeling.


Amyloban 3399 pills are 325 mg each, need 6 of them to reach 1950 mg which is the studied dosage.

Should I go on meds?

Oh. I stand corrected.


I have been taking 500 mg Lion’s Mane a day, occasionally 1000mg, for about 3 weeks.
Fewer whispers. Less agoraphobia.


I took 2 pills of Amyloban 3399 today and didn’t notice anything good or bad.

So that pretty much ends my experiment with Amyloban 3399.

My generic Lion’s mane arrived today and took some of that just now. Maybe I’ll have better luck with ordinary everyday lion’s mane.


Got my 2nd bottle of amyloban today, no customs hastle somehow. I’m sticking with it


Was it really that intolerable that you could only go 5 days on amyloban?


Yes. It was an expensive and short lived experiment. I felt awful on it. I’d spend most of the day hoping it would wear off.

It might just not go well with abilify? :thinking:

I’ve just taken 500mg of generic Lion’s mane now. So I’ll report back on that.

I’m super glad it seems to help others though.



So my benefits from amyloban have plateaued. They include: voices silenced, energy restored to normal level, mental clarity and focus increased, back pain reduced.

Needless to say, I expect to take this supplement for a long time


My generic Lion’s mane doesn’t seem to be doing anything so far. But at least I’m able to tolerate it .

Running out of meds to try


I’m stopping my generic Lion’s mane. It’s giving me neck pains. I had to stop taurine for the same reason.

Maybe supplements just interact with abilify more than other anti psychotics. NAC was the worst with abilify.

Probably just as well it didn’t work out as Lion’s mane lowers blood sugar and I’m taking metformin already.

I hope it all works out for others though.


Sorry that it didn’t make your negatives better.

The manufacturer should be selling week-long samples for reasons like this! Amyloban 3399 is quite an expensive investment otherwise.


It was definitely worth a try. Amybolan 3399 is pretty potent. It was like a medication rather than a supplement.

I hope there are more success stories.


So ive been on normal lions mane for about a week now. Reduction in headaches. Reduced pain. Apprehending the situation better. Overall better outlook on life.