Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion


Have the voices gone down?


Just a reminder folks: It’s early days. Those of us using this supplement can still run into adverse affects. Or the supplement may lose its effectiveness for us. We’re obviously seeing that it’s not a panacea for everyone. Keep those expectations tempered and make SURE you are using these products with proper medical supervision. Finally, hopefully you are stable enough that you can tolerate a setback if there is a setback. Those with one foot on a crack and the other on a banana peel shouldn’t be trying this supplement unless a doctor has okayed it.


Do you know where I can buy Amyloban 3399 from the UK?


You can import it from

Or buy it here :


You can pay £69.99 or pay £12 for virtually the same thing:

It is made from the fruiting body, checked for impurities like metals.
I bought it and you can definitely feel it working.


I’ve tried both and they’re definitely not the same thing.


Have your voices decreased?


My master the psychiatrist has taken away all of my supplements, not that I am blighted by too many voices thank goodness.


Is the example i gave the generic lion’s mane you tried?


No. Just another lion’s mane.

I’m actually trying yet another lion’s mane brand right now as I type this.

Amyloban is completely different. You shouldn’t say they’re the same if you haven’t tried Amyloban.


It promotes the same nerve growth factor as does amyloban.

I didn’t see @naturallycured complaining about the vast difference between his generic and amyloban, but still if it is not pleasant for you, like l theanine isn’t for me then why bother wasting all your money on nerve growth factor at all?


You can’t say they’re virtually the same thing if you haven’t tried both! :smile:

I actually have tried them both and I’m telling you they’re definetely not the same thing. Amyloban reminds me of an antipsychotic it’s so potent.

Anyway you can accept or reject what I’m saying.

I’ll have more feedback on this current brand of lion’s mane I’m trying tonight.


I never had any troubles with voices.



Today I tried Lion’s mane by “mushroom wisdom” who are the same people who make Amyloban 3399.

Aaaand … I might finally be onto something helpful with regards to Lion’s mane.

After about an hour of taking it my head was very clear and I felt an improvement in mood and energy. It was like I’d taken a shot of coffee espresso energy wise.

This lasted for about 2 hours. It didn’t do anything immediately for my concentration or focus and in fact made them worse (i felt spaced out)

But that feeling of being spaced out went away. 4 hours later and I feel like I’ve been given a mild antidepressant or something.

The only thing that concerns me is, would it trigger a manic episode in someone who was sza/bipolar.

Also, I’ll have to get more frequent blood tests as I’m taking metformin and it lowers blood sugar if I continue with it.

But yeah. Not all lion’s mane brands are the same.


Goodluck again! Mine arrives on Monday, I’ll keep you all updated :blush:


Feeling good. It’s been about a week and I feel great. Bit spaced out but once your used to it it’s good. Music is interesting to listen to on lions mane.
My stomach was hurting a few days ago but that’s passed. It’s a good mushroom.
I love the spacey feeling.:grin:


Yeah its almost like a mild dissociative. Now i cant buy into everhopefuls statement of not all lions mane brands are the same because those are two different types from the same brand but i am interested to try 1 a concentrate with atleast a 1:10 ratio or amyloban. Also i did find through reading that these cant be absorbed unless they have been extracted by some method. Which from what i gather would make some brands useless. So far has anyone tried an extract with a ratio? I got my eye on one on amazon it hits all the marks but its a bulk powder. Dunno what ratio it is though.


The tail end of yesterday was a tiny bit uncomfortable. I was waiting for the stimulating effects to wear off as I was getting tired. But they didn’t wear off.

I’ve just taken today’s dose and will report back.


2 month update (1 month on Amyloban 3399, 1 month on Real Mushrooms’ Lion’s Mane:)

Down to 3 mg Paliperidone, and 2000 mg Lion’s Mane. Voices are very well managed, only problem is my sleep is affected due to depending on the antipsychotic sedative to put me under.

I had a mild voice problem in the shower since I woke up at 2 AM and took a shower at 3, still un-rested, and you know how voices get more audible if you don’t have a good night’s sleep.

I ended up taking another nap at 4 AM until 10:30 and woke up to the sounds of silence.

Life-wise, I feel like nothing’s blocking me from learning some new skills for work, since the voices are off when I read, and I don’t have to deal with their bullcrap anymore.


Its a negative review from me, I only took one dose and it made me very agitated. Will not be taking it again.