Amphetamines for fatigue and negative symptoms


Does anyone take Amphetamines and can share their experience with them?


I think they are dangerous for schizophrenics


Dangerous does not mean they won’t work for some people


@Low uses amphetamines to help him cognitively for school. The trouble is he can’t sleep either, so is looking for a ‘downer’ to combat that problem.

All these pills have side effects including addiction and dependence, but some people think that it is a price worth paying.


What is @Low taking?


I have no idea… :slight_smile:


Some people with ADD take Adderal and it works counter to the hyperactivity calming them down and may actually put them to sleep. I don’t know about addiction as far as that drug is concerned for that community.


I’ve taken Ritalin with mixed results, looking for something else


I have not taken any amphetamine,but I heard Ritalin is the worst of all for energy and concentration.Adderall seems the best,but I have never tried any


After I was put on the Haldol shot amphetamines had no effect on me. I took thirty white crosses, and they did nothing to me, which is probably fortunate. Amphetamines are dangerous to schizophrenics. There is this condition called “amphetamine psychosis” that is like a schizophrenic on a psychotic break, only a little more amp’ed up.


You mistakenly used my username in place of a different person. I’m not on amphetamines.


Labratmat mistakingly used my username when he was talking about a different person. I’m not on amphetamines.


Yeah sorry it was @Slickrick

I apologise for the mistake, I scrolled down my timeline to the post, but it was just a like.



Taking “amphetamines” just sounds wrong. People with schizophrenia would do best to stay away from amphetamines, in general. Whether they are prescribed or not.


I think my post might’ve been deleted for some reason but I’m not sure why… I used to take vyvanse which wasn’t very good for me bc it was too long acting and I couldn’t sleep. Taking it with antidepressants caused problems on top of that too. Now I take evekeo instead, no antidepressants, and it’s a bit better


We’re here to find a solution to our symptoms. There are clinical studies done with these drugs with sz patients and they show relief of negative symptoms. Take what you think is right for you, but if Amphetamines work for me I’m going to take them

From Wikipedia: pharmaceutical amphetamines appear to improve brain development and nerve growth.[14][15][16]


It definitely helps my negatives/depressive type symptoms, but taking them with antidepressants might’ve triggered my psychosis

I would use caution taking them


What time in the morning were you taking vyvanse


Usually right as I woke up, if i took a full dose after like 1pm there’d be no chance I’d get sleep that night


I’d be taking it at 8 am… maybe it wouldn’t be a problem for me. What do you think?