Views on stimulants for ADHD along with antipsychotics to make you more energized?

Views on stimulants for ADHD along with antipsychotics to make you more energized?

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You just made a thread about it a few minutes ago.

But my guess would be the results would not be good.
Schizophrenia causes too much dopamine in some parts of the brain, antipsychotics reduce this, but adhd medication raises it.
So if you were to take adhd stimulants while schizophrenic, chances are you could be making yourself worse or counteract the effects of the AP.


Yeah this sucks pikachu

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Negative symptoms suck, and there’s not much that can be done about them other than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
It seems a lot of users are having good effects from Sarcosine and L-theanine, the supplements, but I have yet to try them myself

Maybe. I have a hard time believing aminos can help substantially. Used to take lots of aminos before my diagnosis. Just don’t have much faith in them. Just supplements.

I think this regime would cancel each other out. Psychostimulants increase dopamine while anti psychotics decrease it. So your dopamine levels would be neutral.

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Some people here are on both, maybe the matter is more complex.

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I take vyvanse and don’t have a problem with it but I have adhd so it kinda just does it’s job. It does allow me to exercise tho, which I stopped ever since ap’s. Someone else on here takes Ritalin and concerta without a problem. Don’t try it tho bc I used to be on adderall and it’s the reason I was in the hospital a couple times. Weird, huh?

My friend gave me one of his ADHD medicines and I had energy. I don’t know what it was called but I felt like a real strong man taking that stuff. Made my privates shrink when I was on it though lol. But I would love to keep taking that stuff if I could.

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Indeed! @zeno In the past I’ve also been prescribed APs and stimulants. Unfortunately, in my case, the stimulants didn’t help with the negatives.

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My doctor prescribed me with stimulants to help me with motivation while I was also on AP’s. it helped immensely with my negative symptoms and I didn’t have any side effects. My AP’s continued to work fine.

The reason why I was prescribed this though is I have an ADHD and ASD diagnoses as well as psychosis and in the past have taken different AP’s with different stimulants and have had good experiences.

For years I was on seroquel and Dexedrine. I’ve also been on risperadal and Ritalin together successfully. Another time I tried concerta and seroquel with Zoloft. This was my first med cocktail and I stuck with it the longest.

Either way, I have been prescribed stimulants and anti psychotics together for literally years.

For me personally, I have only seen good come from it and let me tell you it is SO exciting to be able to wake up on time and have motivation to clean the house and shower and brush teeth and watch your favorite tv show and read and learn and everything else you can’t do when negative symptoms run your life.

So for the stimulant thing, you need to see if you are able to get it prescribed. Do you have ADHD? Or ASD? Or treatment resistant depression? Ask your doctor if you’re interested.


Stimulants definitely make me feel more alert and focused. But I have ADD (possibly doctors haven’t really confirmed it recently but I was diagnosed with it as a kid. So idk)

But high doses made some symptoms worse for me. So ask a doctor.

I read on wikipedia that abilify increased methamphetamines effects and addiction potential. Good reason not to try mixing abilify with amphetamines.

I’ve taken ADHD pills since being diagnosed and prescribed AP’s. I was at a little get together at a friends house and this girl gave me some. It was a great night. I felt calm and focused at the same time. In the morning after staying up all night, I drove home. When I got home, I hung out on my porch and smoked cigarettes enjoying the effects.

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huh, i didnt know they prescribed stimulants for asd.

as a side note, i really feel like i need a stimulant. ive been sick for months now and im sleeping 16 hours a day and feeling super super exhausted. last doctors appointment my mom went with me and asked if there was any medicine they could give me and the student who was talking to us before the doctor said “thats usually reserved for psychiatric problems”. idk how they expect me to function like this though

Mixed views it seems. I’ll ask my doc.

Modafinil made my psychosis worse.

Please, I suffer from negative symptoms of schizophrenia for years as lack of concentration, understanding well and memorizing material. but you said:

so please can you tell me what made you read and learn well?
and many thanks in advance

what is AP’s please?

I also suspect ADHD but doctors do not want to confirm too
but from what I have read about ADHD that if you are diagnosed with schizophrenia, and have ADHD at the same time then you can depend on non stimulants medications for ADHD like Atomoxetine
because stimulants already make symptoms worse