Amisulpride(solian) experiences ? male/female

Plz post your experience. How did you tolerate high prolactin on it ?

Is gynecomastia mild, moderate or severe ? What dose you take ?

I take amisulpride 400mg at the moment but I want to reduce it if I can. I don’t know what my prolactin level is or if it’s affected but my sex drive is nil. Other than that the med has been very effective. It’s just so darn expensive!

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I am on 800mg a day of Amisulpride and my prolactin is 3 times higher than the high range number.

My prolactin is higher than a pregnant women in the 2nd Trimester.

Apparently the benefit of the medication outweighs the risk according to the doctor I saw.

If I get physical symptoms from it they will do something

I am not that impressed but other AP’s do weight gain and give me movement problems, so I guess this will have to do as I have no choices anymore.

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My high prolactin either only came about after adding the sodium valproate or wasn’t noticed before, I don’t know which, it doesn’t bother me at all.

Last time i tried amisulpride(50-100mg) for 1 week it increased my prolactin to 53 ng/ml (2-17). I had to stop it. Should i take the risk and try again ?