Amisulpride or quetapine effective?

i would just be curious i am taking these two antipsychotics and i would like to leave one to take only one.

I’ve been on Quetiapine 400 x 2 and Geodon 80 x 2 for a long time - over a decade. I haven’t had a single psychotic break since. I thought the Geodon was doing all the work, but then I didn’t get my Quetiapine for a few days, and I was more jittery than I cared to be. Some people say Quetiapine is too sedating, but I don’t get that from it.

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Amisulpride - in high doses are antipsychotic in low doses it’s good for negative symptoms / anhedonia…
Quietapine - in high doses antipsychotic, in low doses good for sleep and depression.

So it depends on your symptoms.

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amisulpride is more effective than quetiapine for overall improvement, its 2nd best after clozapine

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My understanding is that Amisulpride is the 2nd “best” antipsychotic, but everyone is different so talk with your pdoc about your options.

That’s why I have to take more than just amisulpride -
because if I take my usual dose (200-400mg) I don’t have as much psychosis but get negative symptoms
but if I take too low a dose (100mg or less) I’d get psychosis

So my one pdoc prescribed I take 5mg olanzapine as well for depression (which could also be negative symptoms).

That’s good to know amisulpride is ranked 2nd after clozapine - it has worked very well for me! :blush:

200 mg good for negative symptoms and depression? or is it even an antipsychotic effect?

Strange, but my Pdoc plans to put me on exactly 5 mg zyprexa and 200 mg amisulpride, cause i mostly have negative symptoms.

I think you should talk with your psychiatrist about stopping quietapine so you just take 2 ap’s and then find the right level of medication.

I lower doses (up til 200 mg) it’s primarily meant to alleviate negative symptoms. Above 200 mg it also work against positive symptoms.

I read that in small doses it’s regulating dopamine, but blocks it very effectively in high doses-

I have taken Amisulpride for 2 years, and it basically got rid of 99% of my positive symptoms.

Been on 6 different AP’s. This one is the best for me so far.

My prolactin is three times higher than high range number, but benefits outweigh risk according to the doctor.

I am hopeful it will work well for years to come.

i am on amisulpride (250 mg / day) , clozapine (25 mg / day) , sertraline (50 mg ) and bupropion 300 mg extended release.

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