Amisulpride vs Resperidone


I am currently changing medications to amisulpride from resperidone due to akathisia. Would like to know if anyone experienced a higher sex drive or lower sex drive when taking amisulpride when compared to when they were taking resperidone.

Thank you.


When I was on amisulpride I had sexual drive.
When I was on high dose of risperidone (15mg) I had not


a slight improvement i think but difficult to tell.


I’m on paliperidone, the metabolite of risperidine. My sex drive was dead until I started modafinil for negative symptoms.


I’m taking amisulpride now and have no sex drive
I used to take risperidone as well. These two meds were the most helpful. Don’t think I had much sex drive on risperidone either. Both meds are good but unfortunately have those side effects. Maybe not for everyone though so do try it if you feel it will help (with pdoc’s guidance)