Amino Acid Suppliers

For example l-glutamate or glutamic acid. I’m looking for a good place to buy them from and can’t find many. Anyone know of a place?

Why you need glutamate?
If its for sz it doesn’t work bcz it doesnt cross the blood-brain-barrier.

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L-glutamate doesn’t exist, I think you meant L-Glutamine. That’s different from glutamate.
Glutamate is a neurotransmitter in the brain and doesn’t exist as a supplement.

Glutamate does cross the blood brain barrier, it just takes a lot of it to get an effect, like glycine. Which makes sense given that their role in the brain is similar. Glutamate is a co factor to activate NMDA receptors just like glycine. I use DMG and D-Aspartic Acid to activate NMDA receptors. They’re agonists at the glycine and glutamate sites respectively. It’s like taking the recommended dosage of glycine and glutamate to activate receptors. Works well. Recently the place I get my D- Aspartic acid from went out of business so I’m looking to get my hands on some glutamate or D-Aspartic acid to take with my DMG for my NMDA activating supplementing regime.

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L glutamate is another way of saying glutamic acid. It exists. It’s an excitatory amino acid.

@poisonpencil . Important to remember we are a pro medication forum. Medications work over placebo and have gone through exhausting process to be adopted. For many supplements they don’t undergo the rigorous vetting that meds do and it’s always important even with supplements to be under the care of a doctor.

I have tried tons of supplements includin 60g glycine, no effect at all. You can’t expect supplements to be even close to meds strength.
You won’t get any effect from supplements and loose money.

Why don’t you try Lumateperone?
Its an antipsychotic specifically designed to activate NMDA receptors, much stronger and effective than glutamate and glycine. Also the required dose is not toxic like 60g glycine. I vomitted many times from glycine, I started at 10g up to 60g and always had nausea.

Here’s a thread about a user here using Lumateperone recently, its a new med:

Glutamic acid doesn’t enter the blood-brain-barrier really, only in small amounts:

“However, glutamate is a non-essential amino acid whose brain content is much greater than plasma, and studies in vivo show that glutamate does not enter the brain in appreciable quantities except in those small regions with fenestrated capillaries (circumventricular organs).”

Where did you get your glycine, Aziz?

I saw this new medication. Looks good, but I’m already on one. I’ll take a look at it and maybe think of switching if the reviews are positive.

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Yeah, I’m aware of that. I just wanted to see if any supplementers on here know a good site.

Glycine is available at most health stores in Canada. I got mine from In the US you can get it cheapest from

Thanks, I’ll take a look on iherb and see if they’ve got what I’m looking for.

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