American citizenship

Is it easy for an european to get american citizenship?

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are u planning to fly Us…!!

Yes if min 101 succeeds lol

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patient u live in Amsterdam …Holland…!! right…!! DO u guys receive disability money from the government …!!! We dont have such help in Nepal…!!!

Yes we do, but i get scholarship
Whats your income then?

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luckily my parent bear all the expenses for me …Like i am super dependent on my dad and mom for economical ,and financial stuffs …!!! btw i am super poor …!!


It’s hard. It’s not easy but if you have a job sponsor or a partner/fiance visa and you have money it’s doable.

Everything in America is doable if you have money!

I did it back in the 2000’s but made two years but lots of sketchy ■■■■ from my partner made it hard. I left two years later.

If your there. You hire an immigration lawyer and that helps.

A friend in the struggle,



Wouldn’t say easy. It’s a long process and can be done.

In UK we get money from the government but they are cutting down on that so it’s not easy. a lot of people when they come to the country from outside have a false idea of what it’s like. They don’t just dish out houses and disability payment like sweets.


Ishu u still get money.cuz u can work full time ryte…are u born in the uk …

Yeah I still get money right now. Can I work full time ? Have to force myself. And it’s hard. Not pleasant when you’re crying in the toilets at work and in front oh your manager cos you’re struggling. I get like £300 a week in the hand after all the tax and everything. Now I want to move out. If I rent a place it would be roughly £800 a month possibly more. That doesn’t give me much to live on at all. That’s why I live with my family.

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Yes u guys are super luckey. .keep it up.thanks ish. .take care…

Ok if you say so

I am off to evening walk…see ya later…keep pushing urself up…life is beautiful…thanks…

Ish do u hit gym.or .some other exercise …