Amazon Employees

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i worked in amazon warehouses 3 times. quit twice, laid off once, they actually treated me better than my previous employer, and it was an easy job to get when i was out of work. since i’ve moved, i have no thoughts to commute that far anymore but im pretty sure they would hire me, they hire just about anyone.

last time i was there i just walked off in the middle of the shift haha, without saying a word.

Amazon is on target to become the largest employer in the US. Those workers should really form a Labor Union to improve employer-employee relations, financial compensation and quality of service.

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my previous employer was working us 60 hours a week, and writing us up for not making qouta’s, even though they had raised the qouta many times and what i was giving them was more than they originally were asking from me. some navy guy took over there and wanted us all to be super productive, so much that it stressed everybody out. i lasted 11 months at that place and was 2nd longest tenured employee they had that wasn’t salary. i didn’t even bother to speak to the new hires because they all quit in a week or two.

It’s kinda like the South Park episode about Wal-Mart. If all the revolutionaries who live in the woods and wipe their asses with anarchy goodies burned every Amazon warehouse down something else would just come along.

I agree with @yinyang , I think Amazon employees really should unionize so they get better working conditions.

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