Am really scared tonight 🙀

All summer I kept having hallucinations of plastic burning smells. About 6 times a day I was certain there was an electrical fire in my flat and I would frantically check all the power sockets.

This last month the smells have gone but now I am convinced my house will burn down if I leave it. Is like half anxiety and half delusion. I have some magical thinking going on.

I have left the flat less than 10 times in the last six months. Don’t even visit my parents anymore. Groceries are delivered. I have made like 6 appointments to go get my bloods done (I suspect I have diabetes) but then proceed to cancel them the night before

I kinda want to just cry but tears aren’t coming

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I am sending you a hug. Does your therapist do skype/home visits? You need to force yourself to leave the house, but it sounds like you’ll need a lot of support in order to do that.


I don’t have a therapist

This might be one of those occasions where you have to force yourself.

Especially if you need blood tests.

Nothing is going to happen to the house.


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