Am I smart or nah

I guess that 1% of billionaires is similar to the 1% of schizophrenics of the general population.

Never say “none or no one” since there will always be that 1%.

Yeah, using terms like “all” or “none” are rarely accurate and can usually be easily disproven since it only takes finding one exception to disprove “all” or “none”.

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Yes. You are smart. You can read and write. You can use a computer. You can form opinions. You can argue. You can change your mind. You are very smart. There are people out there that cannot wipe the drool from their chin. The only thing you seem to be lacking is perspective.


Thanks for getting the thread back on track @leafy. We went off on a tangent and accidentally de-railed the thread.

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I think billionaires are smarter. That’s even true for all those who’ve inherited their wealth. It runs in the genes.

Hi! Do you have a diagnosis?

You seem pretty intelligent to me. Your cognition is probably good if you can type on a tablet or computer.

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I score 115 on iq tests when I try. If I apply myself I do well in school. The problem is I don’t particularly like school or iq tests. I love lectures. I’m not able to get over 115 ever. I also score a lot lower on some. The 115 is probably just an outlier.

I don’t ever think I’m gonna think I’m smart. The more I learn the less I know. To be honest I know nothing. Really nothing. I don’t know why I’m so intrigued about rather I’m smart or not. It’s a fruitless endeavor.

Somewhere deep inside I must think I’m a genuis. I do feel like if I TRY I can dominate any room I walk into. In reality it just looks awkward. The problem is I just DGAF about nothing. The only thing I’ve ever really given a ■■■■ about is my kids.

Hi Monte! Yes I have a dianosees.

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Different people have different aptitudes. You’re gonna be smart at somethings and not at others.

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its life thinking it’s stupid - Paraphrasing Albert Einstein.


you didn’t answer on the other thread…are you on meds…?? are you seeing a psychiatrist? @Enlightenedbeing

Smart enough –

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