Am i going to die?

voices say if you ignore us
and do all you can to make us leave
all ur age will be so small so little like that
what make me believe them
is recently my father is severly ill
and my mother got 2 of chronic illnesses
they old i never forget that
but may be they r right and may be they are wrong
am i going to die really ?
my life is very bad
idk what to do !!!

Don’t listen to the voices, they know nothing and only make your life miserable.


No you are not going to die.


A quote from the book “The Book Thief” -
“Here is a small fact. You are going to die.”
What you do between now and then, @saynow, is up to you.


No, you are not going to die. You need to adjust your medications and tell your psychiatrist about your situation.

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Everybody dies eventually


yea i was just about to say same… everyone dies at some point but i wouldn’t obsess with the future. My voices used to tell me i was gonna die too but it never happened so far… they knew i was going to turn 34 and then die but now i’m 40 years old and it still didn’t happen =p


You’re not going to die right now. Your voices are lying to you.

So I’m having a lot of anger today. Across my window view I can see into someone’s home.

What I see is their television.

What I see on their television is home videos of my household.

I felt like punching the window. There is no privacy. I have NO PRIVACY and the little freedom I do have is only choices I make. I’m ready to plan and get those video clips of MY household and see what’s so important about what I’m doing which is nothing important to anyone else.

Are you diagnosed with psychosis? Are you on meds?
I don’t think your neighbors are spying on you, its a common delusion among schizophrenics.

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