They keep telling me I'm going to die today

Like by heart attack or cancer, paranoia is on high.


Maybe call your doctor if that ■■■■ doesn’t go away writhin a couple of days. Are you on meds? I don’t recognize you. Your username makes me think of a crush I had when I was a little future psycho killer.

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Try to find comfort in knowing that you’ll still be hear tomorow. Voices have no power. Ignore them as best you can and don’t think about their bs.

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LOL mortimermouse that ■■■■’s funny! Lol I was turning into a little future psycho killer like yesterday.

Yeah, I’m medicated. Thanks!

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I hear voices every day. I’m on meds too. Meds don’t always take the voices away. Remember the voices can’t harm you. They only scare you.

If it is very disturbing, talk to your pdoc. Maybe meds need to be adjusted?

I’ve had voices saying similar things as well when I felt a pain in my chest. I knew it was all bs but I still felt it so I was quite anxious. I couldn’t visit my psychiatrist straight away so I went to my gp for a quick checkup. His reassurence that it was just some minor muscular pain was enough to take away my worries. No need to be ashamed to go to the gp if you’re worried, their job is to tell people nothing is wrong about 50 % of the time.

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My voices tell me i’m going to die like being murdered. That is why i’m up to night. Also i’m afraid of getting cancer someday because it’s prevalent on my father’s side.

my voices have been telling me i’m going to die for about 2 years now…guess i’ve just learnt to ignore them. their latest is dying on the surgeon’s table. or writing a book, or making music, or making a substantial amount of money…usual ■■■■ that’s being happening all these years…yawn…so bored of it now. it used to be visiting the dentist and guess what? nothing happened.

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Dear Jaynebeal,

You’re like a cat with many lives. My voices tell i’m going to die and this scares the hell out of me. But it happens i actually believe that i will. I have big wigs vying for my head or my organs. Whats the best advice you can give not to be so scared?

honestly? i think the best advice i can give you is to add up the amount of times they’ve told you you’re going to die and then look at how long you’ve actually lived every time they told you this. it used to scare me too, seriously but after 12 years of hearing it (typo on my last post) and nothing happening you kind of get immune to it. yes it’s there in the back of your mind, what if? but seriously? what’s the worst thing that can happen? so you die and become a ghost. what the hell can they do to you then? nothing that’s what. life goes on, dead or alive. my mum gave me some very good advice on this threat. if they’re going to kill you, they’re going to do it regardless so you may aswell live your life to the full in the meantime right? don’t spend your every waking moment worrying about dying hunni. i used to do that and it’s simply not worth the emotional and mental stress it causes. live your life like it’s the last day and if you wake up tomorrow well then that’s a bonus, so live that day like it’s your last and if you wake up the next day, bonus again and so on. i know it’s hard when you hear threats day in day out but it can be overcome. yes it makes you paranoid and afraid but you know what? i just give those voices the middle finger and say “■■■■ it, if you want me, here i am” and you know what happened? nothing, not a ■■■■■■■ thing. if i die i die…i think when your time is up it’s up and there’s nothing you can do about it but until then? your life is your own hunni so try and make the most of it. do things that make you happy, get a hobby, get a life, get drunk…whatever. just don’t let those ■■■■■■■ voices win. you are worth so much more than the worry these little ■■■■■■■ splinter selves cause you. if you have klonopin or diazepam take them but do so sparingly. don’t depend on a benzo for your equilibrium. take control of your fear and beat that ■■■■■■ down where it belongs. there is nothing to fear but the contents of your own mind and believe me i know how scary that can be but as it comes from you it can be beaten by you. take a look at elyn saks ted talk. she’s beaten her voices and gone on to become a professor of psychiatry. anything is possible once you gain understanding of where your voices come from. have you heard of c.m.t therapy? google it and see if you can find a therapist in your area that does it. it’s a theraputic way of interacting with your voices to make them more compassionate. it seems to work for all who have tried it. i myself haven’t tried it yet but i plan to if it becomes available in my area. just ■■■■ the voices, you’re still alive, right? and how long have they been threatening to kill you? add it up and see how stupid voices are. sure they sound intelligent and articulate but all they are are dream characters, a waking nightmare if you will and you know damn well that not even your worst nightmare can give you anything but a panic attack, hence the reason nothing has happened to you and never will happen because these horrid little ■■■■■■■ voices come from within. i know they sound telepathic in nature, i know they sound real but believe me they’re not at all. they are just dream characters made up in your mind. yes they have separate identities and characters but they are only splinters of your own mind turned against you, hence, they cannot hurt you. so live, breathe, smile, laugh for you are the host personality and nothing can hurt you ok? pm me anytime you feel bad hunni if you like and we can chat. much love, jayne xxx

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When sampling data I think the scientists say “Always remember the size of your sample.”

I get intrusive thoughts or very subtle voices telling me the same thing. I worry about breast cancer, because I am at war with my womanhood and my gran died of it years ago too. But its no use worrying your life away live each day as it comes and as jaynebeal put it so well, add up the amount of times the voices said it to you and look how long you have lived. Hope you find peace soon! :sunny:

My voices told me the samething I learned not to fear death. Death is a illusion your soul will live on.

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it’s rubbish…i get this…i’m still here.
know someone cares :heartpulse:
take care :alien:

I used to tell them daily, “well not today.”

Then when they were proved wrong, they gave up I guess…

Old post, but for two years now, my voices have been telling me I’m going to die soon. I even had Dreams where I’m told I’m going to die. They told me in the Dream. Four days hopefully and eight months. Neither have come true. Unless the Government or someone is giving me drugs to keep me alive without me knowing. I’m pretty sure I’m going to live. I also get the feeling I’m going to die soon when I listen to the music of Dierk Bentley “Somewhere on a Beach”. Because of that, I think they may be on to something. Just waiting for the day that soon becomes today.

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