Why am I being overmedicated?

My symptoms have almost disappeared already

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That’s great! Just continue to liaise with your pdoc, and ensure to tell them that your symptoms are mostly under control. That way they’ll avoid over medicating you.

They wont even consider quititng clozapine

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You’re not over medicated if it’s working for you

Its working but i feel sedated all of the time

Yeah it’s a side effect I have too.

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Yes, I am sedated too. Sorry, but it comes with the territory. You’ll have to push through it like we all do.

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Or just quit medd

Then you’ll be back at square one. Unfortunately you have to compromise.

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Which is probably why they have you on injection. I know it’s hard work but you can do it.

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yeah true id quit meds if i had the chance

Idk why you don’t like the meds. The delusions scared the fringing daylights out of me. I could have done something extremely stupid. That’s what’s scares me into taking them. I don’t want that ■■■■

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My delusions were mild thats why

Not only is it irresponsible but not taking the meds affects everyone around me. I don’t want them suffering for me.

So I think mines were too.

How does it effect others

@Crystal-Cotton. It effected my mom when I went off meds because I thought she wanted to hurt me and she worried about me… She had reason too… I became homeless and doing things I still hate talking about just for food or a bed for the night … Not to mention now that I’m back they have to be more aggressive with my treatment because I was off meds… The more you go off meds the harder it is to control

I see. Better to stay on meds then

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@Crystal-Cotton. Yeah… We’ve been working on my treatment for over 2 maybe 3 years now and I’m still having trouble… I’m actually sitting on the bed next to a sleeping David because i know he won’t let anything hurt me… It sucks but we gotta do it

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It effects others they have to see me unwell and talking nonsense.