Am I alone

I’ve had times where I firmly believe hh that a person is going to murder me. Recently I believed that someone or thing was ordering me to kill myself, which landed me in a hospital. Does anyone have these thoughts?

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My voice has ordered me to kill myself before. It’s also convinced me before that I had a terminal illness and was going to die soon, so I started getting things in order, almost took out an insurance policy. It was cool when that belief went away.

Meds keep those threats down, and the good voices up. I am just hoping to get through it with as little pain as possible. I can pretty much assure you nobody outside of your own head poses a threat to you, it’s just getting the voices in order that’s the problem.

I remember having thoughts like that years ago. I admitted myself to hospital. These days i let them pass and don’t entertain them. The doctors can’t do anything about it anyway.

Maybe you should discuss these problems with your pdoc @minij393.
Perhaps he or she could change or adjust your meds to help you feel better.

I have never met or was able to talk to someone else with this. It would be amazing to have someone to talk to about & help me realize what’s my head & what isn’t.

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