Am I alone on this?

I’ve been experiencing Schizophrenic episodes for about 6 years. Recently I had an auditory hallucination that played like a radio on seek switching to different voices that were all talking about me. It wasn’t like previous auditory ones I’ve ever experienced it was more real than any episode. There was no question about its authenticity and reality. I’m scared for what comes next and hate when it get’s dark because I know it’s about to happen again and again on a different level and gaining power. I’ve had visuals that were very real but this was different. It was very clear and I just want to know what to do. I don’t see my therapist for another week and am out of some of my meds. I just want to make it through tonight. Is there any suggestions?

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**can you call you doctor or therapist to get refills for your meds? **

Right now I’m struggling. I’m laying on the basement floor struggling and self medicating on alcohol, hiding my illness from my family so that they do not have to deal with it; because I know that in time it will pass. I want you to know that I’m holding unto my faith, and I’m praying for you right now. You are not fighting alone, my prayers are for us both to get through this struggle together. Tomorrow is another day.

May God bless you with the peace that only He can provide, Amen.

Good night to you,


Wanna join the schizo club via phone? Let’s Skype you guys.


I did today after a couple or my refills were expired. So it’s going to be late next week because they come via mail.

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Alcohol is the only thing that helps me in these situations, but it spirals out of control in the end. I appreciate your Prayers Wolfman thank you.

I hear you, and I’m still praying for you and all of us here. May God show His mercy on us all.

Thanks I’m using smokeless tobacco but it does help. I’m thinking off adding an extra 100 of my seroquel although it will zombie me out for a few hours tomorrow I think it’s going to be my choice for tonight. It helps to know others have experienced this.

I have been praying a lot recently. I don’t understand why my visuals and auditory are either demons or evil. I wonder why I can’t see or hear Angels communicating with me.

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maybe you can put in for an emergency order?

I can’t take the chance of being admitted. It would be my last time. It’s 5pm I’m just going to try and figure out a self-medicating cocktail and pray that the intensity of the previous will be somewhat less intense. The weird thing is, is in a way I’m curious to what all the voices have to say and somewhat want to visit them tonight and try to understand better, but yeah I’m just going to try a different routine than normal.

personally i like the demons and evil stuff, seeing hell etc…’ there is logic in my words '…if you learn not to be scared by the evil stuff…well, nothing can scare you.
take care

I have watched my son struggle with wanting to know more and to want the answers to his place in the universe… I have yet to see the voices give him any concrete answers… Just more questions… A never ending cycle…

Distract yourself as best you can. Wrap yourself in a blanket. Listen to soothing music. Go for a walk. Write, draw, doodle… Anything that makes you more aware of the here and now.