Am I A Chicken?

My Gf calls me a chicken coz im scared to be alone in the house…

I didnt use to be scared when i was by myself alone…

its only at night time when im alone by myself i get scared and strart geting panic attacks…

does anyone else get scared when they are alone by themselves?


Hard to explain, I’m not really scared but can get myself worked up sitting their alone, and my mind coming up with bad things that will happen, but will never happen, nothing related to being alone or at home though.

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I get scared when I’m all alone, thinking about all the things that could go possibly wrong but it doesn’t mean you’re a chicken maybe you’re lonesome or have an overactive imagination it’s hard not to become paranoid being alone in the middle of the night, by yourself, preoccupied by your thoughts.

Yeah, being alone can trigger my paranoia. It’s the illness, you’re not a chicken…that’s ignorant of her to say…

I remember when I was in my first bad episode thinking if I was left alone the devil would kidnap me and take me to hell, so I pleaded with my friend to stay near me at all times…poor girl…

As the others had said is not you. Try and find something that helps, keep you calm. For us is keeping a mag light next to are bed so in the night if thoughts come of the shadow monters are there take light shine it around room. No monsters go back to resting it doing whatever we was doing.

We have also started having the pup sleep on her bed next to are bed so if we see something if she not reacting that’s is a help too. A pet being with you maybe help if it’s a fish in a bowl you are not alone.

Is simple but having the light to hand is like a safey switch changing is dark and scary to is just night time and we are safe.

Some times having a tv or radio on can help building a way to change how you feel form alone to safe?

I’m the same way. I’m kind of a chicken, but at least I know why. No one could have gone through what I have and not be emotionally scarred by it.

I only get scared when I am alone when I go outside at night. Those shadows of those street lamps moving up behind me are really creepy. If I spend a lot of time outside when I am alone that fear goes away. I wouldn’t worry about being chicken. I have social anxiety that is really crippling.

You probably not a chicken lol😂 *tok🐔 *tok🐓


Yeah thanks guys…

Yeah being alone triggers my paranoaih :frowning:

being alone for a long period of time, without communicating with family, would definitely freak me out sometimes, especially when sleeping in an apartment with nobody around. my family believes in ghosts.

but nah dude, you’re not a chicken. if you were a chicken, I’d be eating you. I like chicken. :slight_smile:

Yes. You might be experiencing fear of the unknown. Maybe if you developed some rituals that make you feel safe that might help. Also, praying or being spiritual might help too.

I often feel a physical sensation of fear - for no particular reason. Just the emotion of fear.
But I also suffer from anxiety and stress. Not all the time, but I’m easily triggered.
Even as a child I remember feeling fearful.
Is it me, or does everyone experience a sense of weakness and fear?

I wish I had the feeling of being alone. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

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I get paranoid and kind of freak out when I’m alone in the house.

It seems worse now that I’m on 3mg of Risperidone.

You are not a chicken @TygerLau you just have Schizophrenia.

Getting paranoid when home alone seems to be a common SZ occurrence.