How do you deal with fear?

I’m scared and nervous for no reason tonight after getting really sad for a little while. There is nothing here to be afraid of. I’m not hallucinating, no delusions, why am I scared? Does this ever happen to you? What are somethings that help you?
My doctor isn’t back in till this coming Monday. I just have to handle it till he is.

I have this happen quite a lot. I do anything I can to keep my mind occupied such as reading. I also use something my therapist taught me which is watch or do something opposite of the negative feeling. So when I am sad I watch comedy and when I am scared or paranoid I watch comforting things like childhood cartoons. This is what helps me sometimes, I hope it can help you too.


Thank you! Did your therapist talk about writing or drawing? My therapist isn’t very helpful with stuff like that. Really she is there to see if I am going manic, depressed, ect. without noticing it and helping me solve problems.
Would you recommend funny cats or writing?

I think sometimes the absence of mind noise or the silence leaves us feeling a little lonely and anxious. I think the fear is related to feeling alone within our circumstances and a conscious or unconscious acknowledgement that although its quiet in our minds we are still ill

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I do use drawing and painting along with playing guitar and reading to occupy my mind. When I watch comedy when I am sad it is usually YouTube with funny animals or news bloopers.

That is really beautiful.

That was very eloquent and exactly how it happens to me. I get worse when I’m alone. My mind races, the worst case scenario plays out, I get paranoid, I get lonely. I hate being completely alone. When I get like this, I do call someone just so I can feel like I’m not alone.

Hi onceapoet, I get frightened or scared frequently, for no reason. I do pick up some paper, pens, crayons, whatever and Ill start to draw. Expressing myself helps a bit. I also take extra of my benzo if needed

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Yes i was experiencing fear for no reason, during that time i was thinking why i feel fear, there is absolutely no reason to feel fear. And than when i reduced the dose of my med, the fear went away. When i up the dose fear comes back, i found the solution in reducing the dose of my med.

love this post! I overcame lots of my fears through weightlifting. I am now into powerlifting, which is a competitive sport, but i have schedule conflicts this semester and am just training on my own with a couple of trainers at my gym, not the gym’s competitive team, which I will be joining first thing this summer after exams. I felt fear today- I got under the bar, unracked it, and had to put it back. then one of the trainers said “look at the bar and go again”

I looked at the bar and decided that I wasnt afraid of 350lbs. I then unracked it, stepped back, and squatted it three times. Im in the lightest weight class (165lbs) so the weights look bigger to my five and a half foot tall body.

I face social situations, college, just life in general knowing that I am literally stronger than the challenges that a day holds. When its time to write a paper or study for an exam or hop from class to class cramming my head full of information, I just feel glad to not have well over twice my weight on my shoulders and my ass below my knees

I do have that as well, they call it paranoia, it’s consistent with SZ, I do have it when I stay up at night alone, I start panicking and if it continues on; I get delusional a little, as a reasonable response to a non existent fear ! “what is going on, this might be my sixth sense signalling me that I’m in danger” and so on…When do you usually get paranoid?

At night thank goodness. I don’t know what I would do if I started freaking out in class. I know all my professors (well ok I wouldn’t mind making one of them mad) but the rest I want to keep happy. I work for a couple of them as well so I REALLY want to keep them happy, so I would probably avoid just walking out of class unless I am about to scream. Just straight walking out of a class usually doesn’t go over well.
Unfortunately (kinda) the Latuda doesn’t make me sleepy like the Geodon did. So I can be up till 11pm and up again at 8 am ok. I don’t really feel sleepy till 11pm… so I’m just sitting there. Anxious. Thank goodness it isn’t getting as bad as it has a couple of times now.

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Sometimes you have to just go through the fear, take your meds. tell others you are afraid, make yourself feel safe and secure, call a friend and talk. And if so pray. Maybe have another person with you during this troublesome time.
Was a time was so afraid that something bad would happen to me that i left all the lights in my room and the tv and asked a friend to stay with me. He said nothing bad was going to happen. I eventually fell asleep.