My paranoia

My paranoia makes me look at virtually everybody as if they are threatening me. But then I cherish the too infrequent times when everything slows down and I see they 're JUST PEOPLE. People who are going about their business and mean me no harm. When I tell my therapists that I am afraid of being attacked in public , they invariably ask me,“When was the last time someone laid hands on you”?
And I answer, “That would be 1988”.


My delusions are more about cameras and recording devices in my bedroom and in my car. It’s a fleeting thought but its unpleasant and happens for a few minutes every day. but I used to think of delusional ■■■■ non stop 16 hours a day, and was hearing voices and seeing and hearing people talk about me and plan to kill me and such, and was paranoid as ■■■■.

Good ole times!

maybe you should learn some martial arts or self defence course.
it will make you feel more confident in public .
take care


I am sorry that you are paranoid of being attacked in public, nick. That was awful. I once was afraid of being attacked by some secret racist organization for being a Chinese. Now with enough meds this kind of feeling was gone. and I have to remind myself from time to time that nobody is interested to kill me.

I am constantly paranoid - lately it has not been severe, but it seems to be a symptom I cannot shake off, it is always there in some form. I get more paranoid at night or when I am home a lone for a while. I have intrusive thoughts/images of people breaking and entering


That is exactly what happens when I’m home alone at night. I don’t like being home alone at night. I am always double checking the doors, making sure no one is breaking in. I barely slept the other two nights when my sis was at our other brothers house. I had a panic attack both nights. It lets me know that I don’t do well completely alone.

Yeah its strange, I am less paranoid when I go to a store or out in public by myself - my paranoia ramps up when things are still at night bed time - or when I am alone in the house

Same here, I’m wondering if it’s because when I’m getting ready to go out, I know there are going to be a lot of people around and so I sort of get ready for that. Manage to talk myself down.

But at home, alone in the TOO quiet apartment… every little noise soon starts to set me off.


but even if it was 1988 its still a traumatic experience. dont beat yourself up for being ill.
that hypervigilance tho can be exhausting so finding ways to relax is good for us folks tc