Always have a fear of people reading my mind

I am afraid and wish people can not read my mind, someone wrecked my thoughts by not leaving me alone, just want privacy


i hope you’re on medication. that is usually one of the first steps towards relieving yourself of these beliefs of mind reading.


I have this quite often. Sorry to hear youre not feeling well. If you are on medication sometimes its just a matter of sticking with it until you feel better. Along with adding something. I need seroquel in addition to the abilify injection i get. I still dont get constant relief but it helps.

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this is true. I’m actually surprised because on the risperdal consta depot, my primary delusions were at the front of my brain, now on the invega sustenna depot they are at the back. I still have these primary delusions but most the time I forget about them.

makes me feel happy that i finally am on something that reminds me of what its like to feel normal.

Don’t encourage other users in delusional thinking. It does a great deal of harm. This is a recovery-oriented site and those post absolutely should be flagged.

Also please refrain from calling other members names.


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