Mind reading delusion

Has anyone overcome from thought broadcasting delusion?


I have thought reading of the other person. I don’t know if it’s dissociation or paranoia.
It’s like I put myself in the other person’s place

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I had thought broadcasting for thirty years and it eventually subsided. I don’t do it alone anymore. I just think people can read my mind in their presence.

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My thought broadcasting delusion was over the roof at one point of time. After trying and trying and trying everyday which was painful now I am somewhat better. But still there is long way to go to see the results…

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did you take meds?

I take medicine. I take less medicine than I used to, 10 mg zyprexa and 10 mg Lexapro. It helps my mood the most.

I gave up. During recent episode I was so tired said to myself let them read my mind. I wanted peace of mind. This approach seemed to undo psychosis.


I will try to do what you say, it seems to be a good technique.

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I constantly give up on trying to fix the thoughts or voices or delusions. I rather sometimes try to build some story out of it for fun. It seems to help sometimes.

One of my delusions is that I can read people’s minds. Risperidone and/or Keto has solved this.

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