Alright I'm doing it

I’m going to the gym after 4 days of neglecting because of schedule issues with my car. I’m going to put notifications into my calendar so I can keep a precise schedule. Trying to do both things in one day does not work.


“Alright I’m Doing It”

When I initially read that Header, I thought you were posting during the middle of having sex!!

awkWARD MOment!!


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Funny that you spell this way because I have a chat room (not being used) spelled exactly like this.

I just biked an hour today… felt great…

@Apathy do you lift? i used to but my joints got messed up. im gonna start bodyweight ish soon

Yeah I lift. I find it hard to do squats because my joints too. My knees are weak.

Does your gym have the squat machine?

I got thin bones. Gotta count my blessings i guess

Yes we do. We have 4 smith machines and a leg press. I try to do both if I can.

I have thin bones too. Thin for an adult male anyways. Last I squated 250 and I could feel my knees being crushed.

Oh man if you’re serious, never do that again.

Thin bones aren’t too bad if you have the genes for muscle growth… which I don’t. Weightlifting was a waste of time for me.

How long did you do it for?

I did it for about six months so i could thicken up for basketball. i have some good memories in the gym however. I think it has many lessons to offer. like always use the clamp thing when you’re benching :sunglasses: unless you want to embarrass yourself in front of the hot gym employee.

i think i remember you’ve been doing it for a while, right?

Basketball? Use the clamp thing? Embarrass myself in front of the hot gym employee? I’m confused, what exactly are we talking about here?

Lol that made me laugh, i don’t even know, i think i should go take my meds.:confused:

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Taking meds could help. What meds do you take? I’m glad you take them.

Wont post them here bc im paranoid, but i take a lot of meds, like five ones. disorganized/random thinking and speaking is one of my “things”… .

Yeah I have disorganized thinking too. Although it’s hard to tell here. If you get me into a conversation in real life, I would go on and on about literally nothing.

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same here.


Congrats, @Apathy. The car issue is finally fixed. I think it let you a little mad.

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I didn’t know going on and on is a schiz thing? X

I have SZA so if I’m manic I can talk more than usual. And the disorganized thinking makes it untied to anything.

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Mine might be an aspergers trait? Idk