Almost in love. Believe it or not

I just remembered when I was in the hospital for 8 months they had a program where they brought in a group of young female psychology students in as interns. There were a hundred people in this hospital and there were about 7 or 8 interns. Each intern was supposed to pick one patient and then kind of hang around the patient during the day and talk to them and ask questions about the patient if they had them.Well one intern picked me. And I was glad. I was 20 years old and she was maybe a year older than me. And man, she was cute!! She had the biggest, nicest brown eyes I ever saw. Maybe I was immature but I just loved gazing into her eyes. I was attracted to her. It was probably the closest I came in my life to being in love. And she was so sweet and nice. And I thought she liked me. She probably did but not in the same way I felt about her. I just wanted to be around her all the time and I thought she was flirting with me by looking into my eyes. It’s just about one of my few good memories of that hospital.And of course nothing ever came from it.
But it was the best feeling in the world.


Thank you for that story. It was very nice. I’m not supposed to want to fall in love. But I have to admit that I would like to more than anything (as long as it is reciprocated. Unrequited love seriously hurts. Of course I’m not supposed to avoid pain either.) Being a laymen Buddhist is complicated sometimes lol.

I’m kind of ugly and I’ve always been rather chubby. I’m huge now because of my meds. I’m losing weight finally but I’m still huge. Because of my looks and personality it never happened for me before I got sick. Still, ever since I was fifteen, wanting to fall in real love has been a desperate wish of mine.

If it did happen, I don’t know what I’d do with it. How can you have a relationship when you are afraid of everyone and never leave your house. How would that even work lol.

I’m glad you had such a nice moment during a difficult time. Connecting with someone is wonderful, even if it was only for a little while.


It’s a cute story, but I think you were infatuated with her. I doubt she disclosed much personal info. Anyway, thanks for sharing this little bright spot with us!

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I’ve been in serious love once. We were together for 4 years. It was one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever felt.

To feel loved, needed, appreciated every day…it was very powerful. I credit that love and support for helping me to heal and recover to the point where I am today.

True, love takes a lot of work and energy. Energy that can be hard for someone with an illness. But with patience and hard work, love can be very fulfilling.

I hope to feel it again someday soon.




there was a girl at my hospital that was really pissed off and i heard she was going through that time of month so i sat down near her and i said some thing to her like are you ok? i heard it was that time of the month and she said something and i said ‘don’t worry about me haha, i’m impotent anyway’ lol and i think she was nicer after that and i had a phone number on my bed that someone left on a piece of paper and i heard it was one of the nurses and i think it was her but i can’t prove it, its just i like to think that bc she was very pretty.

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@77nick77 very cool post. I’m glad you had someone on your side when you needed it.

I’m learning relationship love. I think I’m better at friend love and I’ve got sibling love down pat. (in some cases… )

There were times where I was sure I was in love… almost got married too. But then I decided to quit drugs and the girl did not want to stop. Then I wasn’t sure if I did love her, or if our drug habit made it feel like that.

Now I’m in a relationship and just figuring it all out… neither of us drink or do drugs so this is all internal chemistry.

The girl I’m with now had a very bad relationship before me so she’s all for taking it slow.

It’s nice that we’re happy going the same pace. That makes it easier. But I am learning this. It’s all new to me.


I’m glad you’re both in agreement about taking it slow. Learning how to be in a serious relationship isn’t easy. And there’s a lot to learn.

Taking it slow is the way to go. If I had done that with my 2 previous relationships, I think they would’ve been a lot more successful and saved me a lot of pain.

I’m glad you found someone who’s patient and on the same page as you!



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I’ve never had requited love. It sucks. I fall for people easily. Im also bisexual and more on the homo side. I would marry some of my friends but unfortunately they are straight. Im only 21 though, some of my friends put searching for love aside until they are in graduate school, and lots of my friends are planning on graduate school like I am. One is already done with undergrad and looking for a dental school, he might come to our hometown where I go to school. That would be nice. He might not like me bringing guys into the apartment, he respects gays but is a little grossed out by it.

Are you leaving the parental nest and moving in with him?

Nick, I gotta say it’s easy to fall in love with care givers. The only time I ever felt in love it was with a pre med student. It was all infatuation and a very dependent belief that he would take care of me. So stupid.

its a possibility…

I fall in “love” and then fall out of love just as fast - I think it is more infatuation than anything else - my last psychiatrist was very pretty, I did have a mild crush, until she nearly poisoned me by giving me a medication that interacted with my other medication, man was I pissed :pill: :angry:

I was in love yesterday but that was thirteen years ago.

I saw a good looking therapist for 5 years. But she was a no-nonsense type and I knew not to do anything stupid like stare at her or even joke around with her. After ten failed attempts to get her to laugh I finally got the picture and it was all business after that.

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