When I was in love

I used to fall in love each year in september.
I always liked that feeling.Havent felt in love for years.
Too much burden…


I used to sit with my symphaty or girlfriend in park,and watch yellow leaves.
Why I ended sitting on bench in this ugly city feeding birds all alone.I know it wont happen again,bc this world lost its inocence,and my memory of holding slightly cold hands or hug is fading.
Met a woman year and half ago on bus station.We talked a little,but nothing happened.
Ever since I think that might be my only chance to be fullfield with mutual soul contact.


Good luck with that!

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This young woman has been coming to my room, but I don’t know if the relationship is going anywhere. We don’t connect. There are a lot of awkward silences. I’m hoping she is keeping more of herself in reserve, and she’ll open up, and we’ll connect. I could do better myself. As it is now, I don’t think we have enough in common to have a relationship. She has read Kurt Vonnegut. That’s positive.

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Im thinking romance…Romance is ticket to paradise…
When you meet someone,there must be chemistry,pure one.Not mutual suffering…
It’s like first kiss… Never know where it would go…
I dont have smartphone,and social networks…
It must happen once again…
I know there are women dreaming,but those type of person is always most hard to find.

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Im engaged myself luckily. I dont know how my fiance puts up with my ■■■■

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I dont know,but I doubt you do it intentionally…

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I dont mean bounding by romance.Its simple,one day at the time.No obligations…
Like Sam Philips said I want love not emotional prison…

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I’m in love with my husband and wouldn’t trade him for the world. I really hurt deeply for those who don’t have someone who loves them. It seems to me life is just too hard without being loved and loving someone else


Have you ever look at existenialist writers @zoa .i think you would like some of writing of kierkegaard

I had breakdowns in spring. Funny because I like summer as it makes me frisky but all my espisodes were in spring… Sz can be weird like that. It’s very cyclic in my opinion…whether that is the moon or other gravitational pulls I’m at a loss but still…

I only really get crazy in my spring so sep - nov.

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You poor guy. You’ll be alright

Cool ExploringWalker.

Any further information about who your going to try and date?

Its nice, but i cannot trust. Are there any good people?

What do you mean?

I cannot trust people anymore. I have had bad expierences with people that manipulate, misguide, or use me to do things when they know I am sick.

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Yes,i feel that too.Cant play their games they like,like hes easy to manipulate…

is that due to our sickness? Or is this just a bad personality trait.

It’s illness.“Normal” folks treat me like burden,easy to use,abuse verbaly,keep us on leash.I see that through,but thats theire easier way.They need someone to vent,and we are on front line…

how can we break free. I hate being alone.

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