How do you tolerate noise?

I have a hard time handling noise. When my family gets too noisy I have to hide for a little bit. I actually start getting auditory hallucinations. How do you deal with noise?

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My family gatherings can get very loud with all the little ones running around and playing. Sometimes I try to just sit off to the side and watch. I often don’t stay as long as I used to. Plus my nephew and his wife and kids are coming this year from Saskatchewan. His wife is not a nice person. Not many people like her but we all make nice for my nephew and the kids.

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Being alone 99% of the time is how I do it, don’t even listen to music often


I used to get problems around construction equipment sounds. Since moving to CA I’ve gone to a lot of bars with live music and the loud noise hasn’t really caused me to hallucinate. Either saws and drills are scarier than music or I’m just doing better lately I guess.

If you can’t get into another room, noise canceling headphones might be the best option.

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Oh, me too I have to hide from the family’s noise often lol… And even the outside noise becomes too much for me… Yeap, we close in ourselves I guess… Too much pressure from it or stress too…

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Do you suffer from this ?

My dad is hard of hearing and always talks loud. That usually doesn’t bother me. What gets to me is vehicle noise. And I mean the guys who drive rusted pickups with crappy exhaust systems that get at best 5 miles to the gallon. Oh and dirt bikes drive me nuts. I called the cops one time on this kid who was racing up and down the street. I’m a patient person but day after day of that ■■■■ I finally had enough.

I don’t handle noise well and my family is a really noisy bunch. They all like to get together and play music and praise the L---- for hours on end. At least that’s what we did this last Thanksgiving. Please don’t flag me, I’m just reporting the facts of what happened. Not trying to preach.

I am naturally a very quiet, withdrawn, isolative person and I rarely to never play the radio or stream music. And I absolutely never watch television. I only rarely watch movies. I only play my piano for an hour most days for my own enjoyment.

i listen to music so i dont have to deal with everyone around me, i can get rlly overwhelmed easily. listening to certain artists/sounds helps me with auditory hallucinations

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I tolerate noise really bad, specially at night when I feel tired.

I can tolerate normal noise quite easily but it is things like loud chewing and slopping noises when somone eats that gets to me the most.

I have a hard time dealing with noise as well. I tend to gravitate to more quiet, secluded areas (if I’m able to find any) when confronted with loud noises. I can only handle one normal level noise such as a documentary or interview. This is because I am constantly having to deal with the noises of the entities/voices. This is the sole reason it is hard to be in congested and loud settings for me.

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