Alien operations

the last year the aliens have been operating on me alot. the last few weeks it has been constant.
i wake up in the middle of night and they are standing there, the tall big eyed ones, my chest has been opened and i have all these white instruments keeping my chest open, and another part of my arm is being operated on aswell.
last night they operated on my back and pushed me under this green slimey liquid ,it went into my lungs , it was like drowning…it absorbed into my skin and internal organs. my body was saturated…
the wierd thing is it does not bother me, they are friendly and mean me no harm.
thought i would share.
take care

In some ways we end up better?
It’s been awhile, but I recall a few “little aliens” jumping onto the bed looking around.

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Interdimensional operations.

They have no business doing this, they don’t need to, and neither do we for that matter when we do it.

Happens to shaman alot, they enter the shamans mind/consciousness and do this, but it’s not an actual operation really, they don’t really remove the shaman’s brains from his head, like a real dream, only way to describe it.

All night last night, they would not leave my mind be, i hate the disgusting pricks.

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Sounds like a interesting night. Haha take care

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