Blue chip ( about aliens )

so i got visited again by the aliensā€¦:alien:
they woke me up during the night so i could see what was happening. :bridge_at_night:
so they operated on my head :man: and put a blue cylindrical looking device in the middle of my brain.
they then closed it all up with a device with a light on the end of it :sunny: ā€¦which sealed it all brainā€¦skullā€¦skinā€¦etc.
it was very interesting.
they said it would change my brainā€¦reconfigure itā€¦enable the messages ( neural pathways ) to be more efficient.
not feeling that great this morningā€¦due to operation.
take care people of earth :earth_asia:
take care :alien:

p.s it was not a tracking deviceā€¦or bugā€¦i am not that crazy :smiley:

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Aliens did not operate on your skullā€¦

Besides, if the Aliens really did come to Earth, I think theyā€™d probably be more interested in Colonel Sanderā€™s 7 different herbs and spices secret recipe.

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When I was psychotic I felt like I was having operations exactly like that. Itā€™s not real, just another symptom of being psychotic. It obviously seems quite real to you. Itā€™s not unfortunately.

Youā€™re a nice guy/sith but you donā€™t sound well at the moment. reconsider meds. Leave the dark side.

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Paerhaps your Barber just gave you a bad haircut so it just looks like youā€™ve had an operation on your head.


I used to think I was an alien in a robot society. It was consistent with my chosen one delusion. I was supposed to be brought back to my home planet 12/21/12. Take care

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Hope you feel better today, sorry things have been hard for you.
Take care.

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Sorry the sneaky brained thinking is trying to take root again.

Good luck and I Hope you feel better soon.

:bug: hugā€¦ and best wishes.

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