I'm being controlled by aliens

this is my experience.
With an alien or being.

So let me share it.
Here it goes;

it was 2am back in 012.
I was on my computer. listening to music, when suddenly I hear voices in between the songs. I took my headphones off to see what it could be. but what it was would haunt you. it was a girl. she spoke to me about the NWO, and Illuminati.

she told me she has the world under control, and through steps and visions its like she implanted the idea that she could read the thoughts of everyone on earth. And that everyones thoughts could be read.

so she showed me the future. and most of the time the future of what could have or what couldn’t have happened. like glimpse of alternate realities. in which things could of been a specific way. and gave me a strong belief that I already been through this story.

shes a ****, she would do anything for money and power also controlling music artist to influence people to join her, in case. someone goes against her will on ruling the world.

she controls objects. and things, clouds.
and can drag thunder from clouds.
and shock you with it.

she also tried controlling me.
but I simply won’t budge or move. but she torments me and harms my friends. to get me to give up on life and die.

but I won’t forfeit. until.
I see others like me join me on this quest.
I’m searching for a girl. she’s a demon.
she’s not mortal.

but since aliens are around so far these beings aren’t either.

sometimes I believe it’s a machine that uses artificial intelligence a program to deceive us. making it hard to trace the originals. but I won’t give up the search.

I cryed and bled so many times. Ive been trying to avenge this loss, and life pain.
that’s my story hope to get this out.
to the world I’m looking for others.
such as me. hope there is more.

I have hope. peace.
To all going through this life pain.

Thank you.

Ah, well, talking about aliens or government targeting is not consistent with recovery.

I would suggest you try to rid the voices through medication.

I’m sorry you are suffering, it can be hell.


i talk to an alien/aliens all the time…
i get operated on…blah…blah …blah. :smiley:
personaly they are generally nice to me :sunny:
but i don’t let what i ’ see ', interfere with my other life here on this little orb in space :earth_africa:
it is important that you ground yourself…
i do this by walking in nature :deciduous_tree:…look at the birds :bird:
and see the beauty :rainbow: of life, in its simplicity.
know some one cares :heart:
take care :alien:

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Wait are you being serious?..

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Are you able to step back from – or up out of the box of – your thoughts? Are you able to disidentify (dis-I-dentify, as in detach and let go of identification) with your thoughts?

If you learn how to do that with one or more of these research-proven and widely accepted psychotherapies, you will find that your mind can think whatever it wants without causing you much grief. Here are some suggested methods:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

if you are asking me ’ yes ’
i talk to aliens all the time.
take care :alien:

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Very interesting. My antagonist is a bisexual male that is able to revert into a youth form - like he looks like an adult but only 10-13 years old. He doesn’t stay consistent with his age, but it’s always very young.

He doesn’t try to control me, but he’s definitely a misanthrope. He just wants people to suffer horrendously because I think he suffered pretty badly when he was still alive. He doesn’t even care if people have sympathy toward him, in fact he gets made when he detects I am empathizing with him.