Alcohol and Psychosis?

Alcohol is a depressant.
It makes things worse in the long run.

Can’t drink anymore. Bad things happen.

I’m glad I gave it up

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Yeah, I would only use it for example during travelling trips or occasions like birthday celebrations but it can still potentially trigger the start of a relapse. Like you say, in the long run , I’m better off continuing as I have done

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Hopefully the urge will subside. Truth of the matter is, I don’t see it being worth playing with the risk.

I imagine I’m just downbeat easily because I’m a smoker as well, I’ve read that’s not good for mood and depression — so it’s really no wonder drinking appeals to me

Hopefully I sort my self out thought. Focus on gym and fitness instead

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I quit drinking decades ago, it is a no where road

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Seems like I need to change my feelings then, the overall consensus seems everyone’s responsibly avoiding it for good reason,

Truth be told, it’s not like me to get jealous but I think the envy maybe stemmed from nostalgia of being outgoing.

I’m not exactly the younger side of twenty and it’s not like I haven’t done it before.

Should be more optimistic and proactive

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Alcohol is hard to control for many. Maybe it starts out only drinking in the weekend, then every other day, then before you know it your drinking every day, and then you got a serious problem that can interfere with health, studies, job and everything really. Plus it crashes with the meds.

It’s best to leave it alone if you can’t control it.

Yeah, I’ve been reading up and it seems to be documented well that I’d be likely to abuse it for the sake of escape from perhaps one condition like mood but then end up exacerbating another condition like paranoia or delusion/nonsensical thoughts

Thank you for mentioning those aspects of life like studying, cos that’s what I have to focus on the most. I don’t see any other escape from psychotic disorder/schizophrenia than to normalise and use my mind for “real” life

I want there to be inspiration for others who have the illness, I feel like I’m a high functioning affected patient and for that I shouldn’t take it for granted

As I can’t control cigarettes, it’s not sensible at all to see myself being able to control alcohol


If you like the taste of beer you could always get some alcohol free ones. The hops that are in them are supposed to give a calming effect even without alcohol.

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I see, that is worth looking into. That’s an awesome suggestion.

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I drink usually 6-12 units of alcohol every weekend for the past 3 years with the occasional gap but I’m on a low dose of medication (10-5mg of olanzapine). if it helps your social life and recovery, I say go for it.

When I drink I get hungry and thirsty for other things I think it makes me put on weight every time I try it
I think when I had my party days I gave myself the edge of an alcoholic life and that is impossible to get rid off once it’s there

To be honest I’m considering drinking a couple of times a month, not a huge amount just once (one night only) for every three days My husband is on nights
Which is two weeks out of four

I find moderate drinking helps me with painting.but my sister is incredibly alcoholic and with her history and her art which was astounding and world-class

I googled it booze does help with creativity

I think I’m afraid enough of it not to escalate but I’ve still not sure if I can 100% trust myself

I drink quite a lot of non-alcoholic beer it’s a less sweet version of a soft drink… So tasty and very few calories I think 67 in a bottle much less than orange juice

My sister is in fact another story… She Has alcoholic psychosis which is pretty rare and very difficult to distinguish from schizophrenia she’s been like that for eight years no sign of stopping only signs of Slowly leaving the world

I was a whiskey Drinker for years. After I broke my neck, I hit the bottle hard and heavy for a couple of years. I was already a weekend warrior, now it was for breakfast.

Alcohol never did anyone any good. It’s a dirty, ugly drug probably the worst

I am now 20 years sober, and I couldn’t go back to drinking if I tried. I would just stick it out, the urge will pass

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