Akathisia symptoms?

I was put on a much higher dose of haldol (3mg) and have severe restlessness. Ik moving all the time, and especially my leg cant stay still. I feel truly horrible but they dont do anything about this.

Im worried: is this reversible?

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When I first got put on abilify I had this issue it was horrible.

After a month or two, the akathisia went away on its own. Very good stuff since I was not keen on switching meds or getting another med for it.

So there’s a chance it might die down for you if you give it some time

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I dealt with severe akathisia from invega sustenna injection. I paced around the house and watched movies standing up. Due to the long lasting nature of a shot, it took three months after switching meds for the akathisia to go away.

It’s a very scary symptom when it is severe, almost worse than schizophrenia. It goes away if you switch meds 99% of the time. There are a few cases where it is permanent but they are very, very, very rare.

I think haldol is one of the older antipsychotics, which have a higher chance of akathisia than the newer or “atypical” antipsychotics. I’m currently on zyprexa and I get very mild akathisia every now and then, nowhere near as bad as it used to be on invega though.

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Thanks…I want to discuss it with my doctor tomorrow. Im happy to hear it usually goes away…This is indeed almost worse than psychosis.

It will go away around after 6 weeks. It’s your body making used to a higher dosage most likely. 3mg is not a lot. I was on 20mg

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I hope so…I know, i normally use very small dosages. Im extremely sensitive to meds. 20mg is a lot. I think id be in coma with so much. Im thinking of asking to try a different med, i wonder if vraylar is used already here.

They have given me akineton now to see if it helps.

Are you experiencing blurred vision and constant naps or sudden loss of energy throughout the day? If not then you shouldn’t change

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Not blurred vision, but the other stuff: yes.

Well in no psydoc, but in my country SZ people who were or are on haldol are recommended to switch to risperidone of quetiapine. Risperidone injection is not sedating, but if you are having issues with energy then quetiapine might not be a good option

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Sorry to hear you’re having these issues. Myself, risperdal caused akathisia so bad I could barely hold a fork up to my mouth without intense hand tremors. It was hard to eat anything! Thankfully I got off of it. I hope you are able to find a med that works for you!

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Its reversible. I had bad akathisia from 120mg Latuda. Now on 80mg I have occasional akathisia but it prevents me from sleeping. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night from the sleep akathisia. I can live with it in exchange for my positive symptoms.

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My pdoc will reduce meds. From 3mg haldol to 2.5, and then next week to 2mg. He hopes this will stop the akathisia. Thanks for your advices.

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