Switching from Invega to Abilify

I get akathisia on Invega so I am switching to Abilify Maintena.
What are the chances I’d get akathisia on Abilify?
Will I get akathisia on Abilify also/ as well?

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It mostly depends on the individual. Atypical antipsychotics cause less side effects than typical antipsychotics. Do you know that your psy can prescribe you a med to remove the akathisia?

I am on Latuda and have occasional akathisia.

when I first got on abilify (pills), I had akathisia for one to two months

but it went away after that, without the requirement of extra meds

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I didn’t have any akathisia on Abilify. I do on Latuda. I stopped Abilify bcz of psychological issues like addictions, gambling, hypersexuality, etc

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that is amazing. weren’t you like on 25mg??

so you weren’t taking any meds for akathisia on abilify?

Yes, side effects really depend on individuals.
Only some users here had addiction issues with Abilify.

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yes I am one of those. food.

also whenever I start on abilify I get hypersexual for a while but then it normalises

Hi I saw your reply to my post. My akathisia went away on abilify. But everyone is different.


thanks for the reply

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I’m not sure. However I switched from invega to aripiprazole and I’m doing ok. Good luck.

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How many mg of Abilify are you on? And are you still on it? Thanks

I get 400mg by injection every 3 weeks. So kind of a lot.

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How long have you had your Abilify Injection now?? Do you feel you side effects got better in time? or worsen?

Hi, I’ve been on the injection for 3 years, it took a few weeks to a month for most of the akathisia to go away. Honestly, the akathisia kind of stayed the same since, I’ve just gotten used to it. Very sutble at this point. I suggest you try a supplement or ask your doc for something to help with the side effects. I know it’s an annoying feeling.

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so are you telling me you still have akathisia? but it’s very subtle?
so are you telling me your akathisia went away around 2nd or 3rd abilify injection?

Yes it’s subtle. It went away on the second injection.

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I had mild akathysia on abilify 30 mg tablet. But I’m switching now to Invega, so we’ll see

Anyone have an overwhelming feeling of boredom and dissatisfaction on abilify?

yes…me. what’s a perfect description. I feel bored and overall dissatified with myself.

what are the side effects you feel on Abilify since you’ve been on it for 3 years?