Does akathisia ever go away?

I’m back on abilify, which means the akathisia is back. I’ve been on it for about 7 weeks total. Both my therapist, psychiatrist, and my scientist sister have insisted that I have acute akathisia which should slowly fade over the next few months.

Essentially, they’re telling me to tough it out bc abilify REALLY works for my psychosis. Have any of you guys had your akathisia fade? Should I listen and tough it out or slowly withdraw and try another drug with less akathisia like risperidone or invega?

(I’m currently using benzos to sleep and a low dose kemadrin to fight off the akathisia. I’m just particularly sensitive to it and not coping well)

Do u feel it mainly in the legs… When I first got put on aripiprazole it could have been a few weeks maybe even two months before that leg thing went.

Of course it goes away. One year ago I had akathisia and I took an antiparkinson med and it went away

I feel it inside me, like an inner restlessness

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I’m currently taking some med to counteract it but it’s not quite strong enough. I also want to be able to go off those meds and just be on abilify …is it possible? Do you still take the antiparkinsons meds?

No, I am on high doses of 3 antipsychotics and I take no such med. I have no akathisia

I had it and my pdoc rather I changed meds than continue taking Propolanol (Beta Blocker)

I have not had it since switching.

I had really bad akathisia from Risperdal for a while but it went away. I don’t remember how long I had it. It seemed like a long time. Everything is a long time when you are suffering.

I had the inner restlessness the whole time I was on it. I was on it for 1.5 years at my longest. I’m just referring to this specific one in my legs but generally the inner restlessness remained.

I’m sorry you had to go through that. It’s great news that it went away! I hope it goes away for me too.

Are you on abilify?
Also, how long did it take for the akathisia to go away?

Oh that’s bad news. I really hope my inner restlessness goes away. I’ll give it another couple weeks.

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Yes I am on abilify, haldol and zyprexa.
I had akathisia one year ago. I immediately told my then pdoc and she prescribed Akineton. I took it and after some days it was gone

Akineton barely worked for me, now I’m trying Kemadrin. I hope to get the same results as you! Thanks for sharing!

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