Ah, the forbidden love between a man and his goat

There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than true love.

Pics or it didn’t happen.


I don’t kiss and tell…

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You gotta be kidding me! (Get it?)


It seems that animals make better companions than other people do. Has man lost his soul because I have heard that the difference between man and animals is that animals don’t have a soul. Do you believe it?


His goat may or may not have a soul but I think he’s found his soul mate…


Soul leads to heartbreak. My dogs heart breaks when I point at him and say no. Same as if a owner were to pass away. Elephants have heartbreak. Depends on the brain I guess.

Got it, lol,…

Time to settle down and raise some kids.


All those little pans running around…I forgot what the half goat half man things are but pan with his flute was one…

I think it’s because their hearts break about the physical world, not the spiritual world.

Your heart breaks for the spiritual world @chordy

Haha I think you’re talking about fawns. (I love my mythical creatures!)

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The lamb misused breeds public strife,
And yet forgives the butcher’s knife.

does a lamb forgive its slaughter

Should the sheep forgive their shepherd for killing them off one by one…no…

hm :slight_smile:
blah blah b

blake was a wise fella an immortal maybe

reading his wikipedia shtuff…

on his death bed, the nurse said she witnessed the death of an angel, not a man

not ‘should’ they, but do they. there’s a difference.