All dogs go to heaven

When I was very young and a child, I had this awesome friend who was a biker.

He had this beautiful dog who was missing a leg.

One day, when my mother and I were visiting the biker and his wife, I struggled for hours to try and create a plastic leg so the dog could walk better. I felt so much sorrow for the dog. He always kinda did a hopping motion when he ran.

But this dog had the heart of a lion.

I remember him looking at me, with a little twinkle in the eye that animals have when they love you.

I imagine the dog I write about has long since passed away.

But “All dogs to heaven.” I really believe that for this dog.


that really nice what you did for the dog…i think all things have spirits or some kind of consciousness. He is definitely a part of something greater now I think~

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I agree :slight_smile: thank you for the reply.

I believe all animals go to Heaven…they are God’s creatures…

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I agree @jukebox.

I guess I was trying to be clever with my thread title, and my closing sentence.

But yeah. I dig it bro.

Peace :v:

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