Anybody like animals better than people?

Only people get stupid and deformed from married incest. My paternal grandparents were first cousins. It had an affect.

Well, they did kill that giraffe in Denmark so that it couldn’t inbreed and cause issues with the genetic makeup of the preservation stock.

And yes, I like dogs better than most people. I don’t care much at all for the rest of the animal kingdom though, except maybe kittens and monkeys, they’re kind of cool.

I saw a bumper sticker in a parking lot once that said, “There’s a place in this world for all God’s animals. Right next to the mashed potatoes.”


I love animals I can understand them and relate to them better than people

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I love dogs - and I like other animals. Dogs are innocent creatures, too many assholes abuse them and this makes me very sad

I love my dogs better than anyone except my brother.

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I love animals too. I have two cats. I had 3 dogs before but I think it is too much work with dogs. I don’t have energy for dogs.

I love my wonderful furry companion - my dog better than anyone including my brother :laughing: only kidding but its a close call on that one


I have the same problem relating to animals that I do with people. I’m with trees. Quite a number of them I have liked more than people.

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That’s interesting pob. Do you transfer that interest to wood and paper. I could develop a better attitude toward books with that idea.

I do not care about my family. I mainly care only about my dogs. They are my joy in life. I get along better with them than people.

Some animals act more people like than people act people like.


I think that people are animals

And that animals are people

I never thought about that. I do have a lot of wood furniture. An oak bed + oak desk that are about 100 years old. Oaks are my favorite trees. I’ve had experience with them. I like the presence of the older live trees. But I do like the cut wood - my old furniture seems dry and almost turning to dust like mummies. Paper - most of my experience is with computer paper + ruled notebook paper which aren’t that great. I do like fine, art + handmade paper and have wanted to make my own.

I love trees as well


my dogs are what i get out of bed for maizie and bernard are my life lol

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i love nature and animals, insects, it is all beautiful, i could live in a forest ,and never see anyone and i would be very happy.
take care


I have four dogs. I love one dog more than the others. We understand each other better than the other dogs. He loves me as much as i love him. He is a great dog. Would hate for him to ever leave me. We have a strong connection. He gives me that inner peace sometimes I am looking for. He also holds all my secrets.


I have 6 indoor only cats.

Animals are more loyal than people.

Anybody else name the trees they love? I do. Spent more time in them growing up than out of them.


Well, that’s a tough question…I love my family, and friends more than I have ever loved my pets…People to me are good and bad, but all animals are good as far as I’m concerned…even the carnivorous lions in the jungle…feeding their families…

I found it very hard to lose my pets, just as much as people…it’s a draw for me, I love both animals and people…

       ESPECIALLY THE HONEY BADGER...(youtube video, funnier than heck)

If we’re bringing trees in, then yes, there are some trees I like more then people. Gentle Geofferys are one of my favorite. They smell like butterscotch. :evergreen_tree: