Agony! Like nothing i have ever experienced!

So growing up I never had legos…not until I was like 16 when my mom could finally afford them and bought them for my siblings. By that time I was working a full time job at a local farm in order to save up for my first car.

Well I never got a chance to step on a lego, I always wore shoes when I was home, and my siblings all stayed in room upstairs while I had the basement, which had its own bathroom.

Two weeks ago I took in my best friend from high schools kids, since she committed suicide in November.

My GF bought the oldest legos…and about ten minutes ago I stepped on one…


thank you for taking the time to read this long story that really should have been quite short!


Leggo of my Eggo.
I had Lego’s when I was a kid. But this was almost 50 years ago and they didn’t have all the fancy ones you see now. My set had about 30 pieces and only about 7 different sizes of rectangular or square pieces.
No movable parts or fancy colors. But my little set of Lego’s, my Lincoln logs, my blocks and my little plastic army men could keep me occupied in my room for hours, for days on end.

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One of the hospitals I was at asked me to rate my pain on a scale of 1 - I feel great! to 10 - I just stepped on a Lego with my bare foot!

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you might like this thread i made a couple of years ago about lego, it took me a while to look for it bc i cant work the stupid search feature but i found it and here it is-

very nice lol, I now someone who plays with LEGO all the time, and hes in his forties… :wink:

He makes things with his LEGO stuff and sends in the ideas to see if they will be made into real playsets. He sent one in a while ago for a Lego Dog Rescue, and suggested that a portion of the profits from that playset go towards animal charities.

The playset would include several dogs, a couple lego people, and blocks to build a dog kennel and play yard, and it even had an agility training yard in his set up. I hope LEGO does it, I would buy that in a heart beat!

But I prefer building things from scratch, with wood and such. I just finished a bookshelf for my living room that is made entirely from recycled birch wood from a tree I found behind the house. It would have made good firewood but it was so straight and large, I used my chainsaw to cut it into rough boards, used a hand planer to smooth it out and make the boards the same thickness, and then used notches and grooves to put it together with no nails or screws.

The kicker is, ive never had any formal training in carpentry…

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I remember stepping on some as a kid it hurt but i did it recently as an adult…my god i dont know if its the added weight or if my feet have gotten softer from wearing shoes more, id often play in the forest barefoot as a kid…anyway my brain strung together a very colorful slew of insults and all the cusswords i could muster in english german and tagalog lol

I still have my set of legos from when I was a kid I’m 51 now), plus most of my 3 older brother sets because they didn’t want them after they moved out, and yes, I still love them even though I haven’t played with them in a few months,but they are still with in reach.
I’ve been to LEGOLAND in Denmark, U.K., and Carlsbad California, Fun, Fun, Fun.

Pretty sure I’ve stepped on a billion of them in my lifetime, but nothing hurts worse than my angry mom using a “Hot Wheels” track across our bare legs…nothing.

Just read this…yep, I’ve done that- ouch! But, my mom had a worse story: she once stepped on a jack (they were metal when I was a kid) and it made a popping sound as it punctured her heel. Poor thing! Seven kids and so many toys to step on.

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