Agitation, increase ap dose?

Sometimes I get agitated only after 3pm to until I take my meds at night. Today took my meds earlier as I was agitated and now back to normal. I think I need to increase my Risperdal from 4 to 6mg.

It feels like mania, my mind becomes agitated and I feel hyper, not a good feeling.

Im dividing my 4mg Risperdal to 2x 2mg so blood lvls are more stable. Maybe after 3pm ap blood lvl is decreasing. I have a pill cutter. If that doesn’t work I am asking my Dr to increase from 4 to 6mg Risperdal.

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Before your last message came up, I was just going to say that it’s probably not a good idea to increase your AP by 50% without a doctor involved. Personally, I like to keep my Ap’s as low as possible to try to keep my negatives under control.

I think that is a reasonable thing to try in your situation.

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Oh no, I was going to ask my Dr. When I increased from 3 to 4mg it just made me more tired and sleepy but I fixed that by taking caffeine either from coffee or caffeine pills.


I got agitation before.

Do know I had it from starting the particular med, but a switch was needed after a while. It prevented me from getting my drivers license back for two years!

Not sure if you may need something like a Benzo for PRN instead?

If this has manifested itself well after commencement of med, there must be an underlying reason for this agitation

I guess it can come on. I was on Latuda for 18 months before the restlessness and nausea became so bad I had to switch - my pdoc did not want me on a beta blocker.

Guess it’s worth a try to increase, but I’d invest in a pill cutter and do it as slowly as possible.

That said, my old pdoc insisted that the Anti-Psychotic was the ‘doctor decision’ for any changes, so I’d advise you liaise with your team if you can, or contact your GP

Don’t suffer in silence. Make some noise and get some sort of resolution to this, as agitation on a daily basis is not nice for you or the people around you

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why don’t you ask your doc for the risperdal consta shot? That way you get levels of the meds in your blood all day long. Or don’t you like jabs?

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I don’t have a pdr now. He didn’t offer jabs but I didn’t ask for it. I think I will stay with 4mg Risperdal as more ap will worsen negative symptoms and its not that bad.

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That is how I take mine or they don’t feel like they are working all day.

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