My Highs are getting higher and more frequent

Under the 2 mg mark of Risperdal did not work out for me so much - I experienced an intense mixed mood episode last week when my brother triggered me - Lately my highs - mania has been increasing and getting more intense, my therapist has noticed that I was edgy and agitated during our last session.
I can be irritable one minute - talking faster and being more intense - loud noises are getting to me.

I decided to raise my 1.50 mg dose of Risperdal to 2 mg 2 days ago - my pdoc gives me some room to raise the dose on my own if it is a small dose - If needed.

This morning I was feeling agitated and Manic - It did not go away - this made me swallow extra Klonopin and I decided to call my doctor and I left a message on her answering machine telling her that I was heading towards full blown Mania - Mixed state.

I was really pleasantly surprised - My pdoc called me back immediately - it could not have been more than 5 minutes!
She told me to stay at 2 mg of Risperdal and keep taking extra Klonopin as needed.
I see her in 1 week - she does not want me to increase the dose more than 2 mg because I will be switching over to another antipsychotic soon.
She said that it takes about a couple of days for the increased dose of Risperdal to start working.

I know now that my psychiatrist will call me back immediately when there is an emergency or serious side effect involved - this is good to know, made me feel more confident about having her as my doctor


You are very lucky to have a pdoc you can call upon so quickly - I can never get hold of my pdoc when there’s an emergency! Hope you find stability soon!

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Well I know her pattern - it seems that she calls me back immediately when it is very important or I am experiencing distress or a side effect of some sort.
But when it is not very important - she may not call back - this is fine with me, after all she is not my therapist :smile:

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