Agitation and tools

Got very agitated and had to get out of my area or I was going to scream. Was in a really bad place emotionally. Managed to sit down and put weighted blanket over legs and started to calm down enough to write this. Weighted blanket used for too long causes me back pain. I have just recently started using a compression sheet at night and a sleep pod from hug sleep sometimes. Does anyone else use these tools to keep calm or sleep? What are your experiences with them and how do you use them?

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No i feel i can’t deal with a weighted blanket we had one i tried a couple of times in hospital but it felt too restricted.
I use other coping methods which can make a positive difference to me like
Having a cup of hot choc
Listening to meditation music or relaxing music
Taking a nap
Going for a short walk
I use Diazapam sparingly
I talk to family or crisis
Thats how i get by when im at breaking point