Agitated with computer problems and school!

I attempted to take a quiz with lockdown browser which I think I don’t have installed quite right thought usually I argue with it and it works. It said loading for ever I never saw the quiz or the questions, and now it won’t let me take it said I already had my one attempt. Good grief I’m already teetering between an 89 and 91 in there as it is. so I emailed him I will take my future tests in the lab, but wish he’d let me actually get a real chance to take the thing at least it not worth alot of points not an exam. But see I withdrew from the on line section to the in person section to avoid this crap but even the in person session has the exams online. So, I’m agitated with my computer…I had enough online stuff in graduate school really. desimb

He reset my quiz, so I can try again, but going to use computers at school. Why do I always accept and expect the worst even in things where I shouldn’t??

I’m glad they reset your quiz. Good luck on it.

Think positive thoughts. The teacher is on your side. You have an ally. Good for you.

“Expect the best, but prepare for the worst”.