After Covid is over, if given a choice

More than half of people would rather continue to work from home than return to the office with a $30,000 pay raise. Sounds like we love the comforts of home!


I worked in an office for 6 years

An hour commute each way on a good day

Leave home at 6:45am and get home at 6:30pm

Horrible existence


A pay rise would not get me back in an office.


I studied civil engineering so that I wouldn’t have to work behind a desk. Then before completing my education I got OCD/schizoaffect disorder. Ha go figure!


I prefer working at home if I can.

I enjoyed going into the office. I am a pretty social introvert and like saying hi to all the coworkers. Also being around other hardworking people gets me motivated to work more. Also my house has small rooms and I like being in the big open office with big desks. My commute was a little under 15 minutes. Only thing is they run the ac a lot at the office.

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