After a string of good days, I had a bad day today

I woke up not feeling the greatest between the ears, and everything today was just making it worse. There were little things, like forgetting to bring a spoon for my lunch, so I had to settle for vending machine food for lunch. What set the tone for the day, though, happened at the first thing I was working on.

A coworker informed me that it was taking me way too much time to do what I was doing. It just reminded me of the hospital, forever being told I have to move faster. All day I was more conscious of how slow I was at what I was doing. I don’t think my coworkers like working with me, on account of how slowly I do my work. If I try to rush I end up doing a sloppy job, though. These people I’m working with move faster and do a better job than I do. Granted, some of them have been there for many years, and I’ve been in that department for one week, but still, I’m starting to think they don’t want me there.

Well, at least the day is over (until I go in tomorrow). Got my stitches out today, didn’t hurt much. The doctor wants to see me again next week.


Don’t worry about your performance right now. You’re still in the learning stage. You’ll continue to improve as time goes on.

I’m sorry about your bad day. I hope it gets better for you.


You are doing your best and what else can you do…

Be proud of yourself I reckon.

Compare yourself with yourself and not them is what I try to do.

Do not let others push you to be or do what you are not up too.

I was force to work and study when I was not well enough and it drove me to be hospitalised.

The employment agency thought I was well enough but I was not.


I am super slow at everything I do. I don’t like when people try to rush me. I can’t help it. It sounds like you can’t help being slower than others at work. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It sounds like you did the best you could do. Also you’ve only been in that for a week. Don’t beat yourself up or let others rush you. Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. It will get better. Hang in there.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it,

You’re new.

Sorry it was a weird day for you,

Some days are just like that.

Tomorrow will be better!

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Since getting home from China, my days have been pretty bad in some ways as well. I’m getting anxiety withdrawal symptoms from too much anxiety meds and jet lag causing me to be unable to sleep at night - miserable and awake and full of anxiety.

Focus on doing a good job and forget about being fast and how others think of you. You’re only there 6 months, no need to make friends. Ask to be placed somewhere else if this position isn’t working?

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I actually was planning on working there long-term. I’ll probably be in the department I’m currently in only until my finger heals, then I’ll most likely get put back at the job they started me at. I wasn’t quick at that job, either, but then I was only doing that job for a week when I injured myself.

I’m the opposite I do things really quickly but I need to slow down to improve quality of my work I have learned to do this more now in the past I made too many mistakes

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Does it come with good perks for health and retirement and holidays, etc? Glad you’re liking the job enough to want to do it into retirement. You know best what your limitations are and what job suits you the most. I learned today at group that a good way to destress is to always spend time doing one or two things you like after work.

I will have health insurance after 90 days, not sure about dental, vision, etc., don’t remember. I will get paid holidays, too. I’m not so sure I want to work there all the way until retirement, that’s nearly 30 years from now (if I live that long), but I plan on being there for at least a little while.

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